Da Hood Roblox Controls

A well-known Roblox game, Da Hood, is about a conflict between two groups. You have the decision to make at the outset of the game. Your ability to continue playing will be based on this. If you decide to support the bad guys, robbing banks will be your goal. Additionally, the police will attempt to arrest you and take you to jail.

Furthermore, you will engage in PvP combat frequently in the game. You will also need to have complete control over your character in order to defeat other gamers. In search of Da Hood Controls? You’ve come to the right place because, in this article, you’ll find details on all of the Da Hood controls for PC, Xbox, and mobile devices.

You can learn how to use the Da Hood Controls on PCs, Xboxes, mobile devices, and laptops.

Roblox Da Hood Controls on Xbox

  • Crouch – B
  • Block – Y
  • Reload – X
  • Shoot/Use Item – Right Trigger
  • Aim – Left Trigger
  • Run – Hold Left Thumbstick
  • To Ragdoll has thrown – B+Directional Pad Up
  • Stomp – Directional Pad Down
  • Grab/Hold – Directional Pad Up

Roblox Da Hood Controls on PC

  • Crouch – Left CTRL
  • Block – F
  • Attack – Mouse Left Click
  • Run – Left SHIFT
  • To Ragdoll Thrown – Left SHIFT+G
  • Stomp – E
  • Grab/Hold – G
  • Zoom In/Out – Mouse Wheel or I/O
  • Move – WASD
  • Select Items – 1,2,3,4…
  • Open Settings – Esc

Roblox Da Hood Controls on Mobile

On a mobile device, Controls are very simple. Simply move around and fire by pressing the Shoot button while using the joystick. As always, Controls on a mobile device are convenient and understandable. You are now fully informed about Roblox Da Hood Controls. Use our advice to fully command your character and emerge as one of the server’s top players.

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