Death Stranding: How to Travel Fast?

Death Stranding continues to surprise fans by the large number of details and game mechanisms with which this world has been built. On this occasion we want to show you how to travel quickly between different locations, something that surely suits you very well to save time.

As you will know in most open world games there is the option of transporting between distant sites. This helps us not have to be walking these maps, whose extensions could take us hundreds of hours circling.

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In Death Stranding there is also a resource like this, although we must admit that it resembles that of other video games . In this title it will not be enough to enter the map and press on the site we want to go; In fact, nothing will happen like this.

Quick Trip in Death Stranding

In order to travel fast we will have to reach a certain part of the game, from which we will be allowed to move easily from our Private Rooms . Of course, the fast trip will be limited between these sites and will not help you much when it comes to carrying lost loads.

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This is because when we move through this system, all our objects will not travel with us , which is surely disappointing for those who intended to carry out missions at high speed.

Of course, you can only travel between the Private Rooms of the places you already know , so don’t see this as a possible shortcut for the future.

  Death Stranding: How to get Chiral Crystals

Before moving from one place to another, we recommend that you save the game , so that you do not take surprises with what has moved or not with you on this quick trip in Death Stranding.



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