Deepwoken Depths Map

The Depths, a purgatory for all the Drowned, are also the home of the sea monsters that may be found all around the Deepwoken realm. A bastion of freedom in the middle prevents the ascent back to the surface. Dying to anything within The Depths will permanently end your character’s existence and compel you to start over with a new Power 1 character. The depths of the world of Deepwoken are a tangible location, even though they serve as a resting place for souls. It can be reached by swimming to the ocean’s bottom or through tunnel networks. It can sustain the peculiar marine species that live there and has its own environment.

The player’s body genuinely sinks to “The Depths” when they pass away in the water. You cannot drown or swim, even though it may appear that you are submerged in the water or at the bottom of the ocean, where creatures even breathe in bubbles. The animals have also evolved to be more like land animals, like Megalodonts, making them better jumpers and runners at the expense of their swimming prowess.


Deepwoken’s navigation can be challenging at first. In the event that you ever require simple navigation, use these maps. Keep an eye out for landmarks like Statue Island below.

To view the map in its full size and read information on each area, click on it.

Deepwoken Map

Source: u/Sonyxpr

Potential rivals:

  • Thresher
  • King Thresher
  • Terrapod
  • Nautilodaunt
  • The Enforcer
  • Crustaceous Rex
  • Megalodaunt
  • Lionfish
  • Gigamed
  • King Gigamed
  • Deep Owl
  • Lesser Angels
  • Watchers (Summon Angels)
  • Celtorian City Guards (neutral unless triggered)
  • Deep Widow

As many as three layers of the Depths are believed to exist, and each layer is expected to get harder as it descends. Though we don’t have much information until the Layer 2 update is available. Use this map and enjoy the game.



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