Factorio: Cheats and Codes

The industrial revolution was one of the most significant events in human history which marked the beginning of the present that we live today. That is why games like Factorio are important to complete understanding of industrial life in society. So HDGamers will help you with codes of Factorio > with which they will build the future

What are Factorio codes?

First of all, it is important to remember that Factorio is a video game where our objective will be to create the industrial bases for the development of a self-sustaining society.

In this sense, we will encounter a series of adversities that will test our management skills at all times. It is a point where the codes of Factorio take an important role within the game.

What is its use?

In this order of ideas, among the dangers that we will encounter we can highlight predators, storms or the unexpected surprises that nights bring us on a strange planet.

Therefore, the codes of Factorio will give us a hand in solving each of these obstacles. Likewise, these tricks will allow us to collect resources more quickly and efficiently and even experiment with the crossing of species. Consequently, a series of tools that you can not fail to take advantage of.

Factorio codes

What are the Factorio codes?

Before talking about the codes of Factorio proper. It is important to emphasize the fact that these are console tricks.

So we must know, first of all, how to open this interface. Which is quite simple since you only need to open the chat window. Yes, this is how you read it; With this you can write and activate each of the tricks that we will present below with their respective description.

  • Mine faster :
    • Use it to increase the speed of mineral collection.
  • Craft faster :
    • With it you can increase the speed of creation and manufacture of buildings, stations and tools.
  • Laboratories research faster :
    • By using this code, all your labs will see an increase in their research speed.
  • Complete all researches :
    • This cheat will allow you to trigger all investigations as if you had investigated them.
  • Zoom out further than usual :
    • When you activate this command, you will be able to move the camera farther than normal, giving you a broader view of the area where you are.
  • Always daytime :
    • If you hate the night, activating this code will always be daytime.
  • Set game speed :
    • This command will allow you to set the speed of the game.
  • Kill all biters :
    • With it you can exterminate all biters.
  • Spawn items :
    • By using it you will be able to study and create some generated elements.

Latest recommendations on Factorio codes

The last point that we are going to deal with in this guide about the codes of Factorio is the one that deals with some warnings or considerations that you should always keep in mind when using these tricks.

The first of them has to do with those codes that modify the speed of production. For starters, you should know that the default values ??for each of those skills is one (1). Therefore, to reach a maximum value of 100 you will have to repeatedly enter the trick.

Next, regarding the code that allows you to modify the zoom of the camera, we recommend that you do not use values ??less than 0.07 as they will negatively affect the performance of the game.

Likewise, when using the Set game speed you have to be very careful since when reaching a high value, the game will suffer constant performance failures. Therefore, use it at your own risk and with great caution.

After knowing all the secrets about the codes of Factorio we only have to invite them to be the heroes of humanity and find a new place to inhabit with this incredible game.

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