Fire Emblem Three Houses: Byleth Monastery Guide

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses , you are the only one teaching the students. But what about your own personal development? Making sure Byleth has his pick of potential classes at the end of the game means paying attention to the other teachers around the monastery. Weapon skills are easy to practice in battle, but you can’t level up things like reason, faith, driving, or flying skills unless you’re already certified for partner classes, and need training from the faculty. to do it.

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In the beginning, it is a better use of your activity points to invest in those skills so that, for example, you can get certified as a Pegasus Knight and continue practicing your flight from there. Here’s who can teach you the aforementioned skills:

  • Flying : Manuela, Seteth
  • Riding : Jeralt, Hanneman, Gilbert
  • Faith : Rea, Manuela
  • Reason : Hanneman, Rea

And here is a list of what all the masters of the Garreg Mach Monastery can teach you:

  • Rea: sword, fight, reason, faith
  • Seteth: sword, spear, ax, authority, flight
  • Manuela: Sword, Faith, Fly
  • Hanneman: bow, reason, horsemanship
  • Catherine: sword, fight
  • Jeralt: Spear, Authority, Ride
  • Alois: ax, fight, heavy armor
  • Shamir: Spear, Bow
  • Gilbert: Lance, ax, Heavy Armor, ride
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Later in the story, he’ll open up more avenues to teach his protagonist skills, but we’ll keep it a mystery to anyone just starting out.

To learn more about the game, check out our full collection of essential tips and hints for Fire Emblem: Three Houses . It’s a huge game, and after our multiple games, we’ve got a lot of guidelines we’re dying to give you.

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