How to get Crystal in Ark | Short Guide

Finding Crystals in Ark is a tedious and very tiring job, so knowing where to look is essential if you don’t want to spend long hours on this quest. Here we show you how to get crystals quickly and easily.

How to get crystal in Ark?

You can find crystals in caves, snowy biomes or mountains top. Use your Pickaxe to get them from the ground.

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Where can I Farm Crystal in Ark?

The Frozen Tooth. This mountain is in Latitude 35; Longitude 58, in the northeast area of ​​the island.

How do I get Crystal Island in Ark?

Look for shyning white minerals on the ground and use your Pickaxe on them.

Here we leave you a video in which you will see how easy it is to find Crystal when you understand the process.

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