How to get green dye in Minecraft

As a primary dye, you cannot make this dye by combining other dyes. You can easily create green dye in Minecraft Java Edition. Cactus is the main ingredient when it comes to making green dye in Minecraft. The cactus is green in color and it will help you make green dye to paint your items.

Crafting this dye will not require much time or difficulty. You can make this dye quickly with a little understanding. The following steps will help you create a green tint in Minecraft Java Edition.

Make a green dye

Upon accessing the oven, you will see three slots, two of which are on the same side while the third one is on the right side. In the top slot you have to place the cactus and in the bottom you have to place the fuel source that will melt the cactus and in return you will get the green dye in the third slot.

What can be done with green dye?

Green dye, as the name suggests, is used to add color to anything that can be dyed in Minecraft. Most players end up using Green Dye, along with other dyes, either to create firework stars that are green when used, or to create banners that have green patterns of whatever the player associates with the dye.

Alternatively, green dye can be used on a workbench to make a green bed and used to match your bed to the rest of your living space.

What you can use with the green dye

If you hold it in your hand, you can dye some things directly using the green dye. This is a trait that applies to all dyes, making it easy to visually upgrade your favorite companions and more.

  • Collars of tame cats and wolves
  • Sheep’s wool
  • Placed blocks of wool

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In Minecraft, once you get green dye, you can use it in many crafting recipes. You can combine Green Dye with Blue Dye or Lapis Lazuli if you play Bedrock and Education Edition to create Cyan Dye. You can also use Green Dye with White Dye or Bone Meal if you play Bedrock and Education Edition to make Lime Dye. Some other crafting recipes that use green dye include green beds, candles, rugs, shulker boxes, and stained glass. In Minecraft Education Edition, you can also use green dye to create green globes and glow sticks.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

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