What does the heart of the sea do in Minecraft

After you get the Heart of the Sea, you can use it to craft a specific item. This element is called Conduit. To craft this, you’ll collect eight Nautilus shells and then, of course, a Heart of the Sea. You’ll need to place the shells around the outer crafting boxes, then take the Heart of the Sea from the center slot of the crafting box. Then you can craft the Conduit. The item itself will attack enemies/mobs underwater and also provide conduit energy.

As for getting the Heart of the Sea to craft, you can find it in a buried treasure. In order to find the buried treasure, you will need to obtain a Buried Treasure Map to help you on your quest. A red cross will be on the map and this will tell you where you can find the treasure. When you know where the treasure is; you’ll be on your way to getting that special item in no time!

How to use Heart of the Sea?

You can use Heart of the Sea to craft a conduit. A Conduit is a block that grants players a Conduit Power effect and also attacks monsters present underwater such as Drowned, Guardians, and Ancient Guardians. The energy conduit basically allows you to breathe underwater, gives you underwater night vision, and also increases your mining speed, if you are in a spherical range of 32 to 96 blocks.

What is the Heart of the Sea for?


There is only one main item in the game that requires crafting the Heart of the Sea. It is the Conduit in Minecraft and it allows players to breathe underwater indefinitely within range.

How to use the heart of the sea in Minecraft

The heart of the sea has only one use, it is to turn it into a conduit. A Conduit is an item that buffs players in a similar style to Beacons. Players will need to collect a Heart of the Sea and eight Nautilus Shells to then create a Conduit to the Crafting Bench.

To craft a conduit, players start by placing the Heart of the Sea in the center of the crafting table. The eight nautilus shells should be placed in a circle around them and the option to create a conduit will appear. The resulting Conduit is an item that has the Heart of the Sea floating in a box surrounded by seashells and grants buffs to those who pay while also acting as a powerful light source.

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Once players have obtained a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft, they can craft a conduit by placing the blue sphere in the center. table. grid and around Nautilus Shells x8. Nautilus shells have a small chance to be acquired by fishing or can be dropped from the drowned dead. Players can also trade emeralds with wandering merchants for Nautilus shells. A shell will cost 5 emeralds and can be purchased up to 5 times per merchant.

After creating a conduit in Minecraft, players will need to collect Prismarine-like blocks to activate it. Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine, and Sea Lantern bricks can be used for Conduit activation. While a minimum of 16 blocks can trigger Conduit Power, players can build larger frames, allowing the effect of the power to have a much wider radius. Minecraft Conduits will emit light and start a pulsing animation after successfully activating.

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