How To Get Mega Energy In Pokémon Go

Trainers, Mega Evolution has arrived in the world of #PokemonGO! Are you ready for another round of adventures?

How to get more Mega Energy in Pokemon Go?

Mega Evolving a Pokémon requires Mega Energy. You can collect this resource by different methods. You can earn Mega Energy by participating in and defeating Mega Pokémon in Mega Raid Battles. These Pokémon are extremely tough and Trainers need the full strength of their team to take down these Mega Pokémon.

Pokemon Go How to get Lopunny Mega Energy?

To mega evolve a Lopunny into a Mega Lopunny for the first time, you need 200 Lopunny Mega Energy. That’s a lot, but luckily, the additional evolutions only require 40 Lopunny Mega Energy. Here’s how to collect more:

  • If you already have a Mega Lopunny in your Pokedex, create a Lopunny with your friend to receive 5 Lopunny Mega Energy for every kilometer (0.62 miles) traveled together.
  • Defeat a Mega Lopunny in a raid to get 35-90 Lopunny Mega Energy. You don’t get to choose which Pokemon to fight, so you may end up gaining another type of Mega Energy.
  • Periodically check for new research tasks. They are updated with each new event. At the time of writing, there are no tasks that grant you Lopunny Mega Energy, but that can change.

What is Mega Energy?

Mega Energy is a resource in Pokémon GO, just like the candy you can collect to evolve Pokémon. Like Candy, each species of Pokémon has its own Mega Energy. However, Mega Energy differs from Candy in how you can collect it. There is also a limit of 2000 Mega Energy per Pokémon type.

Mega Energy is mainly used to Mega Evolve your Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Because Mega Evolved Pokémon are stronger, there are many ways to use your Mega Evolved Pokémon:

After the release of Mega Evolution in Pokémon Go, Niantic added another method to get Mega Energy – Using the Buddy system in the game. Players who walk around with their powerful fighters can get mega energy if they have already evolved that species.

Niantic may occasionally award users a certain Mega Energy award for completing a particular timed or field research. These are rare and hard to find. Therefore, whenever a Trainer comes across a Field Research that offers Mega Energy, they should complete it as soon as possible.



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