How to get the Sigils for Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo IV

In this guide, we will take a dive into the end-game system called Nightmare Dungeons and Sigils, where to find the Dungeons, how to use the Sigils, the different types of Sigils, and the rewards that come with them.

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What are Nightmare Sigils in Diablo IV?

Nightmare Sigils are keys used to open Nightmare dungeons. Each sigil corresponds to a specific dungeon, and each Nightmare Sigil has different tiers and affixes, ranging from common sigils to ancestral sigils, and tier 1 to 100.

Obtaining and using sigils requires playing on world tier III or IV. Each dungeon found in the game has various types of Nightmare Sigils, making the experience of each dungeon unique.

What are Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo IV?

Nightmare dungeons are an end-game twist to classic dungeons found throughout all the zones of the Sanctuary and contain a variety of affixes, ranging from 3 to 5. The affixes can be either positive or negative and are completely random.

How to get Nightmare Sigils

Nightmare Sigils can be obtained in two ways, and both of them require at least world tier 3 – Nightmare. Nightmare Sigils are first obtained by completing Whispers of the Dead, which will be available as a reward for finishing missions from the Tree of Whispers. The Whispers can be found on difficulty Tier 3 – Nightmare and above.

The other method is by crafting the Nightmare Sigils at Occultist, in exchange for Sigil powder and Gold. The amount of Sigil powder and Gold required to craft will differ considering the tier range you want to craft. For example, for tier 21-25, you will need 23 Sigil powder and 13,000 Gold.

Types of Nightmare Sigils in Diablo IV

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There are three types of sigils that can be crafted at the Occultist: Common, Sacred, and Ancestral. Each type of Sigil requires different quantities of Gold and Sigil powder to craft, and we will list all of them below.

H3 – Common Sigils

Tiers World tier required Affliction number Costs
1-5 World tier 3 3 Afflictions 4 Sigil Powder & 4.000 Gold
6-10 World tier 3 3 Afflictions 6 Sigil Powder & 6.000 Gold

Sacred Sigils 

Tiers World tier required Affliction number Costs
11-15 World tier 4 4 Afflictions 13 Sigil Powder & 8.000 Gold
16-20 World tier 4 4 Afflictions 18 Sigil Powder & 10.000 Gold

Ancestral sigils

Tiers World tier required Affliction number Costs
21-25 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 23 Sigil Powder & 13.000 Gold
26-30 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 28 Sigil Powder & 16.000 Gold
31-15 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 34 Sigil Powder & 19.000 Gold
36-40 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 40 Sigil Powder & 22.000 Gold
41-50 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 50 Sigil Powder & 26.000 Gold
51-60 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 60 Sigil Powder & 30.000 Gold
61-70 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 70 Sigil Powder & 35.000 Gold
71-80 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 80 Sigil Powder & 40.000 Gold
81-90 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 90 Sigil Powder & 45.000 Gold
91-100 World tier 5 5 Afflictions 100 Sigil Powder & 50.000 Gold

Costs of Nightmare Sigils

All you need to craft the Nightmare Sigils is Sigil Powder and Gold, nothing more. The best way to obtain the Sigil Powder is by salvaging random sigils and crafting them into even more powerful sigils.

How to use Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4

Image source: Diablo IV Developer Update Live Stream – April 2023

Every Nightmare Sigil corresponds to a specific Nightmare dungeon, so you can only use the sigil to open the specific dungeon. Each Nightmare Sigil comes with a number of random special modifiers, depending on the tier, and the affixes can be positive or negative. The number of affixes that a sigil can have is very high, so it will be hard to get two of a kind.

What are the rewards for using Sigils for Nightmare Dungeons?

After using your first Nightmare Sigil, you will realize that Nightmare Dungeons are providing higher quality loot than any other activity in the game, even with the common sigil tiers. The monsters inside also are way harder than normal, so you must be careful. High risk, high reward.

Depending on the world tiers and the sigil tier, the rewards will include a higher chance of getting Unique, Sacred, and Ancestral items, so you should craft sigils and complete Nightmare dungeons if you want to further improve your character.

Final thoughts

The Nightmare Sigils and Dungeons might seem complicated and time-consuming, but it’s the best way to farm the highest tiers of gear with the best legendary powers. Optimizing your build will be a must when going into Nightmare dungeons, and as general advice, we’d recommend running Sigil tiers that can easily be completed in a short amount of time, as this will give you better chances for amazing loot than clearing a higher tier a lot slower.




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