How To Make A Barrel In Minecraft

You can store up to 9 items in your inventory, which is sometimes not enough if you craft different materials. So if you’re looking for some extra space, look no further and try a barrel roll. This will increase your storage space to 27 and then you can easily store additional items that were not possible before.

How to Craft Barrels in Java Minecraft

To craft a barrel in Minecraft, you will need wooden planks and two wooden slabs placed on a workbench. You will need to fill the left and right slots on the way down with the six wooden planks. After the wooden planks, you will need to place the two wooden slabs at the top center and bottom. If you need an example of how to arrange the pattern, check out our image below.

How to make a barrel in Minecraft Java Edition

To make a barrel in Minecraft Java, you will need six wooden planks and two wooden slabs. It doesn’t matter what kind of wood you use either. Planks are easily obtained by breaking tree trunks and crafting them on a crafting table. Slabs are made by taking three planks and joining them on a workbench.

When you have your six planks and two slabs, open the workbench. The crafting recipe tells you to put all the planks in the left and right slots. The tiles go in the upper and lower middle slots. The only empty slot should be in the center. Move it to your inventory when you’re done.

Is it better to use barrels than chests?

You can place a barrel anywhere you can place a chest. However, there is a key difference in the way you open the barrels. To open a chest that has been placed, the area directly above it cannot be occupied by a block or object. Even tame cats sitting on chests will prevent you from opening them.

The same is not true of the barrels, because you can open them in any circumstance. As long as you can reach a barrel, you can open it! This means you can pack up your storage space with even more bins and streamline organization.

Gather the necessary items for crafting

To craft barrels in Minecraft, you must first obtain the necessary materials. It would be six planks plus two wooden boards. You may want to start by collecting the wooden planks first, as they are the easiest blocks to craft.

To get the wooden boards, you need to find a tree. Take your ax and cut down the tree. Once this is done, you will be able to obtain wooden logs. Opens the crafting menu. You will see the 3×3 grid above your inventory. This is your grid table. There should be an arrow pointing to a smaller box to the right. This is where the created item image will appear once you place all the necessary items in the correct grid slots.

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