How to make a car in Minecraft | Short Guide

The imagination of the players has no limit and as the years go by, the feats achieved are greater. In this article we show you a very curious way to create a car in Minecraft, so you can try it in your games.

How to make a car in Minecraft?

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Select Creative Game Mode to access unlimited resources
  3. Open your inventory
  4. Place Piston, Sticky Piston, Slime Blocks and Redstone Block on your equip bar
  5. Find a flat area to prevent your car from hitting obstacles
  6. Create two parallels rows with three Slime Block each one.
  7. Put two blocks connecting the Slime Blocks in the middle.
  8. Repeat the previous step above the Slime Blocks and make these two block high.
  9. Now remove the first 8 Slime Block you use to have a floating “H”.
  10. Place a Slime Block in the Ground, beside the first Row you make.
  11. Place a Piston on the top of the last Slime Block and destroy it to have a suspended Piston.
  12. Replace the two middle Slime Blocks that connect your “H” and put Sticky Pistons.
  13. Replace the Sticky Piston next to the front of your car with a Piston.
  14. Now put a Redstone Block on top of Slime Block placed in the middle of the front row.
  15. Repeat the process with the back row Slime Block.
  16. Take sit in the car.
  17. Remove the Redstone Block on top of the Sticky Piston.
  18. Drive safely.
  19. If you want to stop the car, just place the Redstone Block again.
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If you still have doubts about how to make a car in Minecraft, here is a video that teaches you better.

We hope this Short Guide has been useful to you.



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