How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

To make smooth stone, you have to make cast iron. When you mine for regular stone in Minecraft, you get cobblestones in return. It must go through two casting processes to turn the paver into smooth stone.

The uses of the smooth stone

There are 2 crafting recipes that explicitly call for smooth stone. The first is a blast furnace, which is a type of furnace that smelts ore faster, but at a higher fuel cost. The other recipe is smooth stone slabs. In addition to being a fancy building material, you also need a smooth stone slab to craft an armor stand.

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To craft a Blast Furnace, you will need a Coarse Furnace, 3 Smooth Stone Blocks, and 5 Iron Ingots. On a workbench, place the regular oven in the most central location. Then fill the bottom row with the 3 smooth stones. Finally, fill all the remaining slots with the 5 iron ingots.

Collect Coal

Coal is another common resource in Minecraft that is used to light the furnace. Coal can be mined from the ground just like cobblestones. Most often, it is found near stone sites. To identify them, just look for the blocks with black dots and you will get the coal.

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To make the oven in Minecraft, you can use the workbench. You only need 8 cobblestone bricks to make the oven. Place all the bricks on the table leaving the middle block empty and you will have the furnace in Minecraft to use for various purposes.

Get Cobblestone

Cobblestone is the most common type of stone, and you can get it at any time, as mentioned above. For some of these tasks you will need Cobblestone. First, you will need this stone to build a furnace. Second, it is the rock that will be polished into a smooth surface.

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You will need coal to power your furnace, which is common in the game. In and around the stone areas you will find a lot of coal. Coal can be found by searching for blocks with black dots.



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