How to tame a Mantis Ark | Short Guide

Mantis is one of the many creatures that exist in Ark: Survival Evolved. They stand out for their aggressive nature and for being a medium-sized animal. They are light green, brown, and dark yellow in color.

How to tame a mantis Ark?

  1. Place a Wolly Rhino Horn or Deathworm Horn in your hotbar
  2. Approach to Mantis and press “E” to feed
  3. Wait a few minutes to feed again
  4. Repeat the process until the taming meter is filled.

What do you need to tame a Mantis in Ark?

To tame Mantis in Ark you need a Wolly Rhino Horn or a Deathworm Horn. Also you can use a Bug Repellant to avoid the attacks and a single foundation with Stone, Adobe or Metal to make a trap.

Can you tame a Mantis in Ark without Deathworm Horns?

And it is. You can tame Mantis using Wolly Rhino Horn instead Deathworm Horn.

What do tamed Mantis eat in Ark?

Tamed Mantis in Akr eat Deathworm Horns and Wolly Rhino Horn.

Are Mantis passive tame?

No. Mantis are aggressive, so you need to approach carefully or make a trap to feed them without receiving damage.

In the event that you still have doubts about how to tame a Mantis in Ark, here is a video that may be useful to you.

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