How To Tame Llamas In Minecraft

In the Java edition of Minecraft, you can breed wandering trader llamas if their original owner dies. You can’t own them yourself though, though you can still hint at them and use them for storage via a chest. As such, it’s best to find and tame wild llamas, since you can control them while riding them, unlike Trader Llamas.

In the Bedrock edition of the game, you cannot breed Trader Llamas, although you can still interact with them in other ways. In both editions, 2 Trader Lamas always appear in Leads alongside a Wandering Trader.

How to ride a llama in Minecraft

Now for the fun part: riding your llama! Right-click on the llama with your empty hand to ride it. Now you can use your llama to travel around the world, or just add it to your animal farm!

Llamas can also be equipped with chests, making them the perfect storage solution for all your Minecraft items. Simply place a chest on the llama’s back and you’re done!

How to Tame a Llama

To tame a llama you will need to interact with it with an empty hand and jump onto its back. If the llama is tamed, you will see hearts from the creature appear. If you haven’t tamed it, it will be kicked out and you can try again. To give you a better chance of taming him, you can give him ten bales of wheat or five bales of hay. Giving him food will increase his chances of running the next time you jump on him.

Unlike horses, you can’t put a saddle on a llama and direct it where to go. Instead, the llamas are mainly used to follow you around, and you can chest them to bring supplies to you. Once the llama is tamed, have a chest in hand and interact with the llama while it’s not on it to put it on. You can then jump on the flame and open your inventory to see what’s in his chest. Also, if you put a rug in the left slot when you open your inventory, you can decorate them with whatever rug color you have.

Where to find llamas

Llamas in Minecraft have their favorite biomes, this is where you can find them.

Just like in real life, they will trot happily across savanna plateaus and standard savannah environments. Also, you are more likely to find larger groups in the Windswept Hills biomes.

Find a herd of llamas

Llamas are naturally present in a savanna or mountain biome. If you don’t know how to determine which biome you are in, if you play on PC and Java, you can press the F3 key to display the console text and stats. Look for the biome header and it should tell you where you are. If you’re on another version of the game, here are some sample biomes.

The savannah biome is generally found near the desert or plains, and is mostly flat with tall grasses and acacia trees growing there. Trees are the most obvious part of the savannah, due to their uniquely colored bark and trunk shape.

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