How to use a name tag in Minecraft

The name tag is an item that allows the user to change the name that is displayed on any of the pets in the game. This helps you organize your pets by allowing you to see which ones are looking at you and which ones are not. In this article we have explained in detail how you can do it and what are the necessary steps.

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How to use name tags in Minecraft

To name an item or mob with a name tag, you must first put the name on the tag itself. You need an anvil and at least one experience level to do this. Place the name tag in one of the slots, select the box at the top showing the name tag, and enter the name you want, the item, or the creature you want to name. When you’re done, move the new name tag to the right of your inventory.

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To name a mob, approach it with the name tag in hand and interact with it. The only entities that cannot be named are other players and the Ender Dragon. To name the items, go back to the anvil and combine the two on the interface.

How to get a name tag by fishing and trading with villagers

While fishing, there is a 0.8% chance of catching a name tag instead of a fish. This is due to the treasure and trash mechanic attached to fishing, which allows you to use your fishing rod to catch unexpected items on rare occasions.

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If you have a lot of emeralds, you can trade with master level librarian villagers to get a name tag. These villagers will sell you 1 name tag for 20 emeralds.

How to use a name tag

Name tags change a monster’s name, preventing it from disappearing naturally. This is true of most mobs, with the exception of the wandering merchant, it will despawn regardless of name tag. You can change the name of all monsters except one player or the Ender Dragon. Once used, you cannot remove the name tag. The name tag can be renamed on the anvil at the cost of one experience level. Once renamed, right click on the mob you wish to rename. The name tags have fun Easter eggs that change the properties of certain monsters.

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Easter eggs are very common in games and Minecraft is no exception. With the name tag, you can find many Easter eggs, some funny, some cool, some scary, and some just heartwarming. You can check them yourself:

How to use a name tag?

Named Mob

  • Players must first put it on an anvil and set the tag name.
  • After that, it will consume EXP and the name tag will activate.
  • Players can take the name tag in their main hand and click any monster they want to name, turning it into a named monster. These will not go away.
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