Kenshi: How To Feed Dog

All kinds of food in Kenshi are automatic, including the dog’s. The dog will automatically consume the food when his hunger drops to a certain level. The dog will automatically locate food if it is kept in a character’s bag within the same squad, food or lying on the ground, or a member standing near a dead body.

As you may already know, dogs eat gross, raw meat, and you can buy it at Nomad Animal Traders.

How to feed a dog in Kenshi

There are a total of 3 ways to feed a dog in the game: 1) Throw food on the ground and the dog will eat it when hungry 2) ) The dog can eat food from backpacks, within the same team 3) The dog can eat from the animal feeder (but I do NOT think it will eat from the food storage barrel, because the food storage barrel does not accept yellow meat for non-humanoids ) Bonus: the dog will eat the severed limbs. Pups can also play an adorable game of “limbs” with it.

And so we eat at Kenshi and we feed a dog. As you can see, both are truly automatic and you don’t have to do anything other than make sure there is food in your backpacks or on your pack animals. Your team will do the rest and eat their food as needed!



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