Kill It With Fire Objectives Guide – List

Kill It With Fire is a first-person action game, in which players hunt spiders while inflicting collateral damage. Collect your arsenal of ever-more-excessive weaponry, follow spiders through the suburbs, and set ablaze everything in your way. Each chapter’s objective is to destroy spiders while also collecting equipment, flavors, upgrades, and batteries in order to fulfill your clipboard objectives.

Kill It With Fire Objectives

Use this guide to achieve all the following objectives of Kill It With Fire: Close Encounters after First Contact: Household Tasks, a Significant Annoyance Barnstormer, The Paper Trail, The Garden of Evil, and Contingency Omega Repercussions.

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Close Encounters

  • Power up: Find 5 batteries
  • Spawn of Evil: Kill 10 spiderlings
  • Double trouble: Kill two spiders with one shotgun blast (queen + spiders that spawn)
  • Erase the past: Shatter 10 picture frames

First Contact

These are all the objectives of first contact:

  • Get the tracker: Take the spider tracker from the closet
  • Get warmed up: Burn 20 objects
  • Find more firepower: Get the hairspray from the bathroom
  • First Blood: Kill a spider
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Major Inconvenience

These are all the objectives in Major Inconvenience:

  • Back in business: fix 3 electrical problems
  • Have a blast: detonate the propane tank
  • Blown away: kill 8 exploding spiders
  • Fight spider with spider: kill a spider with an exploding spider (Propane tank)

Garden of Evil

These are all the objectives in Garden of Evil:

  • Beacons bright: Riddle > light the 3 braziers
  • Life imitates art: Riddle > match the 3 small pink trees with the large pink trees
  • Sticky situation: kill 5 web spiders
  • Herd the cats: Riddle > place cats from smallest to largest on the pedestals
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Domestic Duties

These are all the objectives of Domestic Duties:

  • Clean the fridge: remove all items from the fridge
  • Make new friends: kill 6 jumping spiders
  • Provide snacks: feed cheese puffs to 3 spiders
  • Do the dishes: smash 20 dishes


These are all the objectives in Barnstormer:

  • The ‘ol classic: drop the anvil on a spider
  • Master gardener: shatter 20 pots (and vases)
  • Regicide: kill 3 queen spiders
  • Slash and burn: burn 15 hay bales
  • Bountiful harvest: pick 23 vegetables
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Contingency Omega Objectives

These are all the objectives of Contingency Omega:

  • Codebreaker: open the vault (code is 6174) Red 6, Green 1, Blue 7, Yellow 4
  • Sight Unseen: kill 3 invisible spiders
  • Arms Race: get the flamethrower
  • Arm Contingency Omega: insert arming keys

Consequences Objectives

These are all the objectives in Consequences:

  • The Last Dance: face the music (All Arachno-Gauntlets)
  • Treasure Trove: open the downstairs office (x6 Arachno-Gauntlets)
  • No Time to Explain: step into the light (complete The Last Dance)
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Paper Trail Objectives

These are all the objectives of the paper trail:

  • Not natural: kill 5 radioactive spiders
  • Erase hard drives: burn 8 computers (gasoline)
  • Shattered thrones: destroy 6 toilets
  • Make a wish: blow out the candle (Fire Extinguisher)
  • Dead is better: kill 10 zombie spiders (radioactive spiders create zombies)

Down The Spider Hole objectives

These are all the objectives in Down the Spider Hole:

  • Perplexing Puzzle: Crack the code (Check the Code Guide)
  • Round-Up: Gather Recruits
  • In the Weeds: Mow the Lawn
  • Mystery Machine: Reassemble the Device (Check the Code Guide)
  • No Spiders Allowed: Place Planks
  • Break On Through: To the other side
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That’s the guide for the Kill It With Fire objectives. If you follow them, you can easily achieve your objectives. Hope this guide will help you!



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