Koikatsu Party: How to remove censorship

We all dream of finding the perfect partner while imagining from his body to his way of being. That is why with Koikatsu Party we can visualize what our ideal girl would be like. But, to make it even more specific about the features we are looking for, HDGamers presents you how to remove censorship in Koikatsu Party .

What is the Koikatsu Party?

When talking about Koikatsu Party we have to refer to it being one of the most popular games on Steam in recent months.

Not only for the striking of its hentai graphics but for its erotic content that basically makes the hormones ignite in any user.

This is because Koikatsu Party consists of designing the ideal girl, with the most detailed characteristics that our imagination can produce.

All this to satisfy our desire to be able to visualize, at least on a screen, what our most intimate longings would look like.

What is necessary to remove censorship in Koikatsu Party

Before letting our imagination fly with the correct distribution of that monumental girl that we would like to meet. In Koikatsu Party we are going to need some files so that everything flows correctly in our dreams.

In this sense, the first thing we must download in order to remove censorship in Koikatsu Party is a file called BepInEx. But, we recommend that you use its latest version which, in this case; is the BepInEx v5.0.1 .

After having this file on our computer, we just have to drag it and locate it in the game’s installation folder. However, you have to be sure which is the corresponding folder for your operating system. Consequently, you will need to drag the x64 folder for a 64-bit operating system . But, if you have a 32-bit you only need the x86 one.

Something important to remember regarding this last step is that you should not use both folders at the same time as this could cause a crash in your game.

In addition, the BepInEx file will be quite useful for you since it is necessary for the vast majority of mods that exist on the internet to work for Koikatsu Party.

Note: If you chose a typical installation of the game, its address is as follows:

Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Koikatsu Party

Koikatsu Party uncensored mod install

The next step to remove the censorship in Koikatsu Party is to download the patch, or mod, which will allow us to do just that. In this case, we will have to look for the UncensoredGirlModel.

Once we download it, we will only have to unzip it and look for the abdata and readme files . Once we locate them, we have to copy and paste them in the folder where we install the game .

Basically this is all you need to be able to remove censorship in Koikatsu Party . You just have to start the game. But, it is important that you consider the following observations in order to fully enjoy this addictive game.

The first one is that we suggest that you copy and paste the patch files . That is, we do not recommend that you drag as in the case of the previous file, as this may cause some of its drivers to fail. So the patch will not only lose its function but you can also generate an error in the game that prevents you from executing it.

In this sense, as we recommend in previous guides in HDGamers , it is prudent to create a backup to avoid losing the basic game files and having to re-download it in case of a malfunction produced by a mod.

Consequently, having followed all the recommendations we have made, you should be able to enjoy this game without the censorship of its female characters without any problem.

Koikatsu Party remove censorship

The complete Koikatsu Party experience

If you are looking for a full effect on this patch to remove the censorship in Koikatsu Party since it is not enough for you just to see the female models in their most natural state. Next we will give the steps to follow to achieve your goal.

The first thing we need to do is unzip the IPA folder. Then we just have to take it to the game installation folder. Next, we must bring the executable Koikatsu Party.exe and the folder kPlug to said path.

To finish, you will have to find the KoikPlugins.dll file located at this address: BepInEx / IPA / KoikPlugins.dll . When you find it, just copy it and paste it in the game installation folder.

Final recommendations

To end this guide on how to remove censorship at Koikatsu Party . We have to give you some suggestions so that you are not scared by the modifications that the game suffered.

First of all, when you run the Koikatsu Party.exe you will see a CMD warning box. Actually, you do not have to worry about it since it will only narrate the procedures that are in operation. But your game won’t bother you at all.

Likewise, you will come across the fact that new folders were generated . These are necessary for the mod to work. That is why we recommend you have a backup of the basic files in case of any malfunction.

Finally, we recommend you read the instructions in kPlugManual since the configuration of the controls will have changed with the execution of this mod.

Consequently, by following each step you will have your Koikatsu Party uncensored ready to let your imagination run wild and create the girl of your dreams.

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