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About Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a multiplayer online racing game where winning depends on your accuracy and typing speed. This implies that the winner of the race will be the one who writes the fastest and most accurately. Compete in fast-paced races with five other typers from across the world to increase your typing speed. You may challenge your friends, win new vehicles, keep track of your progress, and much more—all for nothing! Despite being a simple game, it is quite well-liked. You can acquire increased speed, limitless money, and other things using one of the many online cheats and hacks. The important advice is to get better at typing, although winning a lot of races is not a good idea. Continue reading!

Nitro Type Hack – Speed Auto Typer

You will require a separate typer if you use Windows or a Mac computer.

Windows hack Auto Typer

Use AutoTyper on a Windows computer by following these steps.

1.      Tampermonkey can be installed by visiting the Chrome webstore.

  1. Install race.user.js here Tampermonkey
  2. To make sure Nitro Typer has been activated, click the Tampermonkey icon in the Chrome address bar.
  3. Your reference is this URL.
  4. Click on Go To Link after briefly pressing the Fetch button.
  5. Wait a moment after hitting the Download button before selecting the Download Nt option.
  6. Take the Zip file apart
  7. Release Nitro Type
  8. Put it next to Chrome by using the Auto Typer bot.
  9. Utilize the Nitro Typer 5.0 Screen’s instructions.

You may set the following, yes:

  • Typing mode: Single, Multi or Multi
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Number of Nitrogen
  • More

Mac Hack – Auto Typer

These are the procedures for using Mac’s Auto Typer.

  • Tampermonkey can be installed by visiting the Chrome webstore.
  • To install this script, simply click the URL.
  • Visit the URL right now to download. Vehicle Typer V2
  • Release Nitro Type
  • Place the Auto Typer V2 Bot and chrome side by side.
  • Setting “myspeed” to 300 is the simplest way to change the speed.
  • To change accuracy
    • Tap Tampermonkey in the Chrome search bar.
    • Click “+.”
    • Simply select “Edit”
    • Find “var accuracy = 100,” for instance, then modify 100 to 98.
    • Select File.
    • Select “Save”
  • Next, select Nitro Type. Select “Race Now” To play Auto Typer V2, click the button. Your typing will be started by the auto-typer.

Unlimited Garage Space

Buying a Nitro Type automobile is very expensive. The worst part is realizing how little space there is in your garage. It will be simple to add more automobiles to your garage with this cheat or hack. The steps for the Unlimited Garage Space Hack are as follows.

  • Launch Chrome for Mac and Windows.
  • Click the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Bookmark Manager > Bookmarks
  • To advance to the following screen, click the three dots at the top of the current screen.
  • Select Create a new bookmark
    • Name: Any URL is acceptable. Copy and paste the following Javascript code.
  • Save
  • Use your account to sign in to to gain limitless garage space.
  • Enter the desired number of garage sections by clicking on the Bookmark Bar, selecting the one you already made (step 5), and then clicking on that. After that, click OK.
  • To view the changes, sign in and then out again.
  • To reorganize your cars, click Save. The procedure won’t need to be done again.

Infinite Money

For the purpose of buying or sending cars to friends, this hack is ineffective. This hack is merely for show. You can use this trick and other tools to dazzle your friends. Spend your money without considering your own value in the billions.

  • Install the Codiy – Code-Adder extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Start Nitrotype
  • Select the “Codify” button.
  • Select the Tab for Add Code.
  • The three codes are located here (*).

You have a choice of three codes to add. Observe the instructions closely.

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