Problems with Call of Duty Mobile – Find the Solution here!

We have been enjoying the new installment of Activision, Call of Duty Mobile for a short time, and thousands of shooter-addicted players have turned to servers to test their skills. Of course, and like any other recent premiere, it’s possible to find some problems with Call of Duty Mobile .

As you may know, the first few days after launching, some aspects are usually proven that it is impossible to test without a continuous flow of players. This is why the Server may fail, that the connection may not be optimal, or that the games take time to start.

In any case, we have compiled some of the errors that have a greater presence during these first days of Call of Duty Mobile to give you the solution you need.

Pay close attention to the following points and start enjoying this attractive video game without problems.

Call of Duty Mobile does not work

It is possible that you will be able to open your application without any problem but that when entering a game you will get some type of connection error. As mentioned earlier this may be due to different settings that are made on the servers, so that in the future they can function stably.

In fact, it is one of the most likely conclusions and these types of errors should stop appearing as the days go by.

Call of Duty Mobile does not Start

In these cases the most common may be that your mobile device does not meet the minimum requirements that the shooter demands. This situation can be seen because the game seems to open, but immediately closes again and leaves our mobile without the application in the task manager.

Call of Duty Mobile does not Charge

Finally it is possible that it is your own mobile device that has generated some kind of error with the video game. The best way to rule out this is by following the steps below:

  • Restart your device
  • Update the application (or uninstall and reinstall)
  • Update your device
  • Clear the application cache

We hope that with these tips you can enjoy Call of Duty Mobile without problems.

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