Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location

If you’re looking for the Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location, you’re in the right place. We have compiled a detailed guide to all Muzan Spawn Locations.

The Roblox RPG Project Slayers takes inspiration from the well-known anime Demon Slayer. Watching the anime could give you a good idea of Muzan, the Demon King. For the Roblox game Project Slayers, you must locate him.

By consuming his virtual blood, you can become a Demon character. As you progress in the game, you must drink his blood to turn into a demon, but where can you find him? Check out our tutorial here now that you know where each Muzan spawn point is in Project Slayers.

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location – How to Find Muzan

Knowing when and where to hunt for Muzan is essential, and you must bring him a prisoner for a portion of the task if you want to succeed.

What is the Best Time to Find Muzan?

You shouldn’t waste time hunting for Muzan during the day because he only arrives at night.

What is the Location of Muzan?

Muzan has established spawn points around the map, so you can randomly encounter him each night. But if you want a suggestion, follow these steps:

  • Once you have launched the game, join a server and proceed to Butterfly Mansion by using the Horse Guy
  • Check out the video for locations and try to find him there
  • Try to see him on a new server (it should take at most three attempts) if you don’t see him there.

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location – Video Guide

Here is a video guide of Yahboi ABE with all the Muzan spawn points:

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location – Quest

If you’re looking for Muzan, it’s probably because you’re trying to become a demon, so here’s what you should do:

  • To complete the quest, you must collect five blue flower lilies (see the video guide below).
  • Take Doctor Higoshima to the muzan. Kiribating village is home to Higoshima, who is located inside a house.
  • As soon as you are done, you will receive a vial of muzan blood, which you will use to become a demon. Occasionally, the transformation will fail, forcing you to re-do the quest.

This video guide from SlickBeWildin will show you how to locate the x5 Blue Flower Lily you’re searching for:

We hope you discover the project slayer muzan spawn location. You’ll find everything you need to know about Muzan Spawn Location in this article on Roblox Project Slayers.

If you have difficulty finding the location, you can try hopping servers. You can also buy a Muzan Gamepass to find Muzan Spawn faster.

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