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roblox da hood map

Roblox has offered tons of gaming for you to satisfy the fans’ gaming quest. Da Hood is one of the interesting games from them.

Gaming Plot of Roblox Da Hood

In the game, The Bank is a crime hub. It is a hotly disputed area because so many people are generally gathered there or engaged in combat.

There have been several robberies thus far, such as – banks, shoe stores, gas stations, and ATMs. The Gas Station is located in the map’s periphery, directly to the right of the Taco Restaurant or the left of the Graveyard. It has an ATM outside that you can rob, is one of the places where you can buy pepper spray for the cheapest 75 cash. And it only sells Starbucks coffee and donuts.

Roblox Da Hood Map – Full Map

If the spawn spots are what you’re after, the weapons are primarily focused downtown. On the other hand, the armor is out in the countryside, and the supplies and food are dispersed throughout. As you have everything there, perhaps the best location is close to the police station.

The map is sufficiently illustrative, so you should save it or keep it open while you play if you require assistance finding a certain spot.

Interesting Area Point On Roblox Da Hood

  • Bank: In the center of town, between the east-facing jewelry shop and the south-facing furniture shop.
  • There are two locations where Tyrone’s Gun Store sells weapons.
  • The first location is south of Jeff’s residence in the southeast area of the map.
  • Second location: to the east way of the burger place and south of the bank.
  • The bank and jewelry store are located south of the central city furniture store.
  • The jewelry shop is located downtown, at the south point of the furniture shop and east of the bank.
  • Downtown Hood Fitness is located north of a burger joint and south of Hood Kicks or the hospital.
  • North of Tyrone’s gun shop, on the west side of the map, is Jeff’s.
  • The basketball court is situated east of the map, south of the casino.
  • The bank is on the west side of downtown, and the hospital is on the east side.
  • To get to the hospital from downtown, go west on Hood Kicks.
  • Church: The topographic point in the north.
  • Go north and west from the hospital or north and east from Jeff’s.
  • To go to the police station, head west, east, or north from the furniture store, Hood Kicks, or the church.
  • On the map, Boxing Club is the southernmost location.
  • Go south from the burger joint.
  • To get to the Burger Shop, head north from the Boxing Club or southward from Hood Fitness on the south side of the map.
  • To reach the casino in the northeastern part of the map, head north from the basketball court or east way from the jewelry store.

As a Da Hood gamer, you probably know of the above map locations of different areas in the game. But, if you are new, you can grab the details here of the Da Hood map. Happy gaming!

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