Roblox Anime Battle Arena Script Pastebin (Hacks ABA)

Anime Battle Arena has amassed a devoted player community due to its ranked mode and variety of anime characters. Aside from the combat mechanics, ABA is one of Roblox’s best anime games!

In Anime Battle Arena, you can control characters from well-known Shounen properties. You can choose the color of each figure from two different coloring schemes that are included.

This script is a functional update to the original Anime Battle Arena script (ABA script). You can download the Anime Battle Arena script from the Pastebin URL. This post talked about how to get Roblox Anime Battle Arena (ABA) script pastebin hacks.

How Do You Execute an Anime Battle Arena Script?

  • First, Have a trustworthy and virus-free Roblox exploit or script executor, such as Synapse, Krnl, or JJSPloit, and launch it in the Anime Battle Arena world.
  • Install the exploit you want to use.
  • Remember to turn off your antivirus software before downloading. Antiviruses sometimes appear like viruses; all exploits are harmless.
  • Open the game
  • Click on Inject or Attach when the game first launches.
  • Copy/paste the script,
  •  Then press Execute

You can now use the Anime Battle Arena script GUI after completing this.

Scripts might stop functioning if a game update occurs. If so, please let us know by leaving a comment so we may update this instruction with the most recent scripts after making sure they function. The greatest ABA or Anime Battle Arena hacks are available here. They have AI, Auto Play, GUI, Auto Skill, AFK bypass, Extenders, and Hitbox No Stun.

Roblox ABA – 1v1 Farm 2022 Pastebin Hacks for the Anime Battle Arena

Anime Battle Arena 1v1 Farm:

_G.Key = “KEY HERE” ——

_G.Toggle = true

  • Put in the autoexe folder;
  • Autojoin a 1v1 game one-on-one game;
  • Sends a message to bypass the reset;
  • Earn money.
  • Repeat

To get the script link of the 1v1 farm of Anime Battle Arena, click on the link below:


Roblox Anime Battle Arena Script Pastebin Hacks ABA – 2021

The main features are Auto Play, AI, AFK bypass, Auto Skill, and No Stun.

Download or copy the script from the following link:


Hitbox Extenders

The main features are hitbox Extenders, Rasengan, Supports Chidori, Bearing Shot, Hamon Bottlecap, Black Goku, Yusuke Shotgun, and Krillin.

However, the script can be seen here:


Hitbox Extenders (applicable for moves like Rasengan, Chidori, Bearing Shot, Black Goku, Krillin, Hamon Bottlecap, Yusuke shotgun, etc.)

Here is how you can use the Anime Battle Arena script hacks or installation process. We hope this guide will help you if you are looking for the instructions.

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