Royale High Spring Halo Answers

The 2022 Spring Halo at Royale High is made up of a variety of colorful flowers with wings that come together in the middle. This halo is intended to give players more chances to succeed because the game is frequently focused on incremental victories and defeats over matches.

Users must choose the best conclusion to a story that is randomly selected for them from a fountain in the middle of town in order to receive the halo. The knowledge we have about various stories and their conclusions is summarized in the chart below. There may be recurring updates or rewards/punishments that we haven’t yet discovered because these outcomes were created by a random number generator or other fickle factors.

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Questions & Halo Answers

For the Spring Halo 2022, here are all the appropriate fountain tales solutions.

  • Assist Lucille in getting ready for the yearly flower festival: Answer D
  • Select a tool by typing: Answer B.
  • Blossom should decide which plant to water first: Response B
  • For the Divina Park earthquake: Answer C
  • Select a partner for the Castle Garden Dance-Off by selecting D.
  • Bring upon the Naiad and select a flower: Answer D
  • Which plant should you seek out for the Fountain Girl? Answer B
  • Assisting the mother robin: Answer B
  • Pick a fashion model from Aria and respond immediately.
  • Answer C: will assist Nissa with the Venus flytrap.
  • Answers B and C will help you choose a beautiful flower for the Divina Park Flower Picking Contest.
  • Pick a path in the world of flowers: Respond quickly
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Previous Spring halo Answers

  • Pick a rose off the table: Option B
  • Answers A and C for Activity Stands in the Magical Realm
  • Answers to Crying Cupid: C
  • Answers B for pastry chef Ashe’s explosive desserts
  • Finding the smoothest stone while a penguin searches: A
  • How to spend your Valentine’s Festival admission money: Answers
  • Answer B for Flowers from the Tree Nymph
  • Answers C from Busy Cupid
  • Answers A & C are assisting with Valentine’s Day party.
  • Answer D: Pick a teddy bear from the love fairy.
  • Chocolates with toothpaste: Solutions B and D
  • Answers B and C will assist Princess Valerie in thwarting Dark Cupid.
  • Select a dessert from Pastry Chef Ashe’s menu: B
  • Help the investigator by solving Valentine’s Day mystery: C
  • Your direction is being drawn by Cupid’s arrow: A
  • Answers A: The unicorn lost its horn
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When halos are not guaranteed?

The answers we’ve given have a potential of being Halo, but it’s not a given. In actuality, if you select the suggested responses, the probability is between 10% and 20%. The likelihood of a halo is zero percent if you select any other response. Therefore, don’t be shocked if you select our response and don’t receive a Halo; it usually takes 5–10 tries.

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