Shindo Life Bloodline Guide Full List

RELL World created the Roblox game Shindo Life, which employs gameplay inspired by the Naruto anime series, and is set in a setting similar to the series. Character motions and other Naruto-themed components fall under this category. Bloodlines are unique gaming features that provide players access to a wide range of abilities based on the Naruto anime series.

However, their efficacy varies according to the game’s time and version, so be prepared for the tiers to change whenever there is an update. Each Shindo Life Bloodline has been ranked below according to the tier it is now in.

What are the bloodlines of Shindo Life?

Your in-game abilities are provided by the Shindo Life lineages. All players start out with two default bloodlines, and they can add two more for 200 or 300 Robux each. There are three main types of bloodlines: eye, clan, and elemental. However, aside from the fact that eye and clan bloodlines are typically more potent than their elemental counterparts, there isn’t much to distinguish between them.

Eye Bloodlines

The Dojutsu Bloodlines are as follows:

  • Raion Akuma (1/120): Blaze Illusion, Lightning Blaze, Arrow Blade
  • Dokei (1/35): Blood burst, Genjutsu, and also Dragon Song
  • Deva Rengoku (1/60): Gravity Havoc, Meteor Burst & Heavenly Throttle
  • Jokei (1/100): Air Palms, Palm Rotation, and also 128 Palms
  • Bankai Akuma (1/100): Hawk Illusion, Pain, and also Amaterasu Blaze
  • Forged Akuma (1/100): Dimension, Control, Intangible
  • Riser Akuma (1/140): Hawk Illusion, Pain, and also Fire Blaze
  • Tengoku (1/150): Kami Hammer, Kami Blitz, Kami Blade
  • Sengoku (1/200): Final Strike, Gravity Blaze, Ultra Counter
  • Light Jokei (1/200): Palm Singularity, Enhance Vision & Palm Devastation
  • Deva Sengoku (1/200): Gravity Havoc, Meteor Burst & Heavenly Throttle
  • Sarachia Akuma (1/200): Thous, and Chirps, Electro Dance Combo, Shuriken Counter
  • Doku Tengoku (1/250): Concentrated Palm Blast, Twin Dragon Barrage & 128 Palm Counter
  • Gold Jokei (1/250): Palm Singularity, Enhance Vision & Palm Devastation
  • Sengoku Gaiden (1/250): Samurai’s Dragon, Meteor Inferno Blade & Samurai Combo
  • Raion Azure (1/300): Inferno Engage, Vanishing Replacement & Eternal Death
  • Satori Rengoku (1/300): Sunshine Engage, Sunshine Clones & Lance Combo
  • Riser Inferno (1/300): Eternal Engage, Crow Stake & Blood Glaze
  • Doku Scorpion (1/300): Concentrated Palm Blast, Twin Dragon Barrage & 128 Palm Counter
  • Indra Akuma (1/350): Inferno Blaze, Samurai’s Blade, and Blades of Destiny (New)
  • Tengoku-Platinum (1/400): Kami Hammer, Kami Blitz & Kami Blade
  • Obi-Ren-Kengoku (1/400): Gravity Push, Gravity Pull & Dark Matter Tensei
  • Indra Akuma Purple (1/400): Inferno Blaze, Samurai’s Blade, and Blades of Destiny (New)

Clan Bloodlines

The Clan Bloodlines are as follows:

  • Senko (1/45): Flash Step, Time Jump, and also Time Stop
  • Kokotsu (1/35): Finger Bullets, Bone Burst, and also Spine Vine
  • Glacier (1/40): Mirrors, Blizzard, and also Glacier Dragon
  • Azarashi (1/55): Sealing Chains, Blitz Chains, and also Seal Trap
  • Koncho (1/70): Insect Attack, Paralyze & Insect Drain
  • Okami (1/70): Tunneling Fang, Fang over fang, and also Fang Barrage
  • Nectar (1/75): Poison Blitz, Bee Rush, and also Honey Freeze
  • Eternal (1/90): Death Counter, Death Possession, and also Pentagram Domain
  • Dangan (1/110): Bullet blaze, Liquefy & Springfield
  • Saberu (1/140): Hidden Uprise, Shock Clones & Dimensional Counter
  • Kenichi (1/150): Dragon Strike, Crane Demon & Ultimate Tempo
  • Dio Senko (1/150): Ultimate Flash, Time Jump, and also Time Stop
  • Vanhelsing (1/160): Echo Location, Hollow bones, Feast of Fury
  • Odin Saberu (1/170): Storm Defense, Storm Jump & Beast Tame
  • Jayramaki (1/170): Stun Pillar, hair Grab & Mud Toad Bomb
  • Ghost Korashi (1/200): Motor Slam, Motor Meteor, Motor Implode
  • B0rumaki (1/200): Portal Spirit Bomb Shock, Space Warp & Space Vanishing Spirit Bombs
  • Alphirama Shizen (1/200): Bind Strike, Worlding Forest & Roots of Ash
  • Ragnar (1/200): Storm Breaker, True Thunder & Bilfrost Counter
  • Bruce Kenichi (1/200): 6th Dance, 9th Dance, and Tiger Lotus
  • Shiver Ragnar (1/250): Storm Breaker, True Thunder & Bilfrost Counter
  • Ray Kerada (1/250): Super Human Boulder, Phoenix Stomp, and Boulder Barrage
  • Kamaki Amethyst (1/300): Portal Slice, Dimension Warp, and Dimension
  • Ryuji platinum (1/300): 3rd Stance, Dragon Demon Combo & Dragon Lotus
  • Kagoku Platinum (1/300): Ash Bone Portal Barrage, Universal Bone Blade, Portal Bone Breaker
  • Dio Senko Rose (1/300): Ultimate Flash, Time Jump & Time Stop
  • Sun Knight (1/300): Knuckle S, andwich, Grappling Combo, and also Smoke Bomb
  • Fate (1/300): Clone Latch, Shock ah Flame, and Energy of Time
  • snakeman Platinum (1/400): Form 1, Form 2 & Form 3

Elemental Bloodlines

The Elemental Bloodlines are as follows:

  • Scorch (1/32): Heat control, Agony Burn, and also Heat Disperse
  • Explosion (1/6): Mine Rush, Mine Fist , and also Atomic
  • Nature (1/6): Strike attack, Wood Bind, and also Multi-Strike
  • Crystal (1/6): Bullet Needles, Diamond Prison, and also Spike Blaze
  • Mud (1/6): Quicks, Wave, Erupt Slide, and also Mud Dragon
  • Fume (1/35): Exploding Air Missiles, Buckshot Foot, and Oxygen Vortex
  • Fizz (1/35): Bubble Flash, Buckshot, and Eruption
  • Bolt (1/40): Burst, Imperial, and also Storm
  • Apol S, and (1/50) H, and of Apol, Apol Trap, and Shield of Apol
  • Frost (1/70): Cold Control, Agony Burn, also Frozen Disperse
  • Emerald (1/70): Bullet Needles, Diamond Trap & Spike Rush
  • Clay (1/75): C1, C1 Scatter, and also C3
  • Inferno (1/80): Flame Blitz, Overdose, also Burnout
  • Tsunami (1/80): Wave rider, Wave Emergence & Shark Imprisonment
  • Variety Mud (1/90): Golem Blade, Sunken Quake, Dragon Fall
  • Ink (1/120): Crow Missile, Lion Gaze, also Dragon Breath
  • Web (1/120): Maguire, Garfield & Holl, and
  • Ashen Storm (1/150): Time Jump, Tiger Blitz & Laser Circus

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