Shindo Life Map and Locations

Shindo Life Map and Locations

The extensive Roblox Shindo Life game offers a variety of game genres and settings to discover. Because there are so many locations, you might have to compete with other players for some elusive things. You can access the game map whenever you press the PLAY button, so you don’t need to look at any other maps. Whatever the case, here it is:

The only difference is that each region is depicted by a symbol rather than by its name. But all you need to do is click on it to make the area’s name appear next to the map. The main difference is that each area’s symbol, instead of its name, is used to represent it. But all you need to do is click on it for the area’s name to show up directly beneath the map.

Shindo Life Map & Locations – Locations

The primary regions of gameplay in Shindo Life are locations. At specific times each day, scrolls with Ninja Tools, Sub-Abilities, and Tailed Spirits have a chance to spawn.

Main Villages

Most major communities have bosses, and typically there are no admittance requirements.

  • Ember – No requirements – Boses: Kor Tailed Spirit, Ember Fate Spirit
  • Obelisk – No requirements – Boses: Sun Tailed Spirit, Ku Tailed Spirit, Obelisk Fate Spirit
  • Nimbus – No requirements – Boses: Mao Tailed Spirit, Gai Tailed Spirit, Eagle Companion, Santa Platinum Winter, Nimbus Fate Spirit
  • Haze – No requirements – Boses: Isu Tailed Spirit, Sei Tailed Spirit, Haze Fate Spirit
  • Dunes – No requirements – Boses: Su Tailed Spirit, Chu Tailed Spirit, Dunes Fate Spirit
  • New Ember – No requirements – Boses: None

Sub Locations

There are no bosses, and admission requirements apply to almost all sublocations.

  • Training Fields – Responsibilities: Level 100
  • Storm – Responsibilities: Level 200
  • Forest of Embers – Responsibilities: Level 300
  • Dawn Hideout – Responsibilities: Level 1000 and Dawn Membership Gamepass
  • Tempest Village – Responsibilities: Level 300
  • Great Narumaki Bridge – Responsibilities: Level 0
  • Shindai Valley – Responsibilities: Level 800

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