Starfield: What can Bethesda fans expect?

The world of gaming continues to take dramatic strides in development of gameplay, graphics, and storylines.

Games are even more engaging than ever, with so much detail put into each new release which comes out. 

Rockstar are a well-known game developer who brought us the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption which has given them a fantastic reputation in the industry.

They have created games in realistic worlds which gamers can immerse themselves in and enjoy for hours on end. It’s not just the tasks and missions on the games, there is so much else going on which keeps people coming back.

Red Dead Redemption’s online gameplay gives players the chance to do so much more. Gamers can play poker against others online. Learn the poker hands and compete to win money on the game.

It’s not just their games like Grand Theft Auto which they are known for. Midnight Club is an exhilarating series of racing games which provide pulsating fun for gamers. 

Bethesda games are looking to replicate the success Rockstar has enjoyed in the industry in their own way.

Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series have really elevated Bethesda games to a whole new level as one of the giants in the gaming world.

They are creating a world of gameplay which has drawn in a huge following with role playing games like Rage, Doom, Fall Out and most recently Starfield.

Bethesda has recently released an hour-long feature presentation to tease the release of their new Xbox game and give plenty of details to get their fans excited for the newest release.

What we learned

Starfield is ready to immerse you in a vast universe that will be played in the third or first person which is common for Bethesda games. Players will be able to play five different skill trees and some of these give players the ability to use a jetpack.

The game features over 1000 worlds, the chance to create your own characters with their different trait catalogues which come with different advantages and disadvantages for each option.

Gameplay Overview

You will be able to build their base on any of their 1000s of planets which they occupy. You can pick your favourite spot and design you base with so much intricate detail to make it exactly as you want.

Piloting a wide range of spaceships, with each having their own styles and challenges. You can even customise your ships and you should watch the deep dive presentation to find out more.

Role Playing Game fans will love the extensive skills you can acquire as a plyer and skill points can be collected to unlock further abilities.

Other Characters

Followers can join you on your journey and they can be assigned to specific planets, and each comes with different quests as well as offer romantic options. 

There are a wide range of other characters with a mix of different factions which you can engage with on the way through the game.

You can make allies, or enemies of different factions throughout the game which will add to the incredible storyline.

There are plenty of different alien creatures which can be very hostile, and you’ll be able to perform scans of new planets to be able to identify what is there along with further details like climate conditions.


You can go out into space as well as land on planets and explore them. You can run into enemy ships and need to defend yourself with the guns you can fit to the outside of your ship. 

If you want to collect spaceships, you can go out and steal, but if you don’t want to risk a violent confrontation, you can trade or even just simply buy them.

You’ll be able to fight and defend yourself with an expansive range of weapons from silenced ones along with huge weapons which can wreak mass havoc and damage.

Exclusive gaming title

Starfield won’t be exclusive to Xbox, you’ll also be able to play it on PC but not PlayStation 5. There has been considered better quality products on games released solely for Sony and Nintendo and Microsoft will hope that Starfield closes the gap between these competitive games.  

By making the game cross-platform there are concerns the drop and Microsoft are looking to engage users into purchasing their Xbox consoles over rivals PlayStation.

Release date

Gamers will not have to wait too much longer to play Starfield. Its official release date will be September 6, 2023.

The game has been developed for a decade and expectations are high, but Bethesda are confident this will be one of their top games released this year.

Their feature presentation has got fans to the edge of their seats. It will be watched and rewatched as fans await the release date to finally get gaming.



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