Summertime Saga Walkthrough: Aqua’s Route

Having guides for Summertime Saga is a valuable help, especially if we have Consider the large number of factors and decisions that we must make throughout each story.

This is why in HDGamers we wanted to help you with this guide of the Aqua Route in Summertime Saga, so that you achieve all your goals without any problem. You want to know more? Then you have all the information you need.

Requirements to unlock the Aqua Route

  • Unlock the Forest
  • Unlock the Church
  • Get the Golden Key
  • Have a Fishing Rod
  • Unlock Clinic
  • 7 Charisma Points

Summertime Saga Guide – Aqua

  • Talk to Captain Terry and he will ask you for the Golden Compass.
  • Talk to the clinic receptionist.
  • Meet her again on the second floor, then go to the basement and enjoy the scene.
  • Read the obituary record.
  • Go to the Cemetery and interact with the tombstone.
  • Go up to the church tower and examine the bell inscriptions.
  • Find the parchment found in a Raven Hill tree and check it.
  • Get the Treasure Map and complete the forest mini game.
  • The next morning go to the library and find Derpy Answers book.
  • Get the old coin that is at the source of the park.
  • Go to the beach, go to the small island and look for the X. Dig with the shovel.
  • The code you need is Octopus – Mermaid – Octopus – Anchor.
  • Deliver the Golden Compass to Captain Terry.

Aqua scenes

  • Go fishing and wait for her to steal the lure. Follow her, defeat the octopus and then escape from the cave.
  • In Aqua’s lair you must offer your help and return with Captain Terry.
  • Ask him about the idea of ??retiring and he will tell you about Tigger. Use the golden lure to capture it.
  • Return with Aqua.
  • If you get the mushroom in the forest you will unlock more scenes with Aqua and Seasucc.

We hope that this article has been to your liking and that you will get all the necessary information to successfully complete the Aqua route in Summertime Saga. Remember that you can find all the answers you are looking for in our main article of Summertime Saga Walkthrough.

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