Summertime Saga Walkthrough: Consuela’s Route

Having guides for Summertime Saga is a valuable help, especially if we have Consider the large number of factors and decisions that we must make throughout each story.

This is why in HDGamers we wanted to help you with this guide of the Consuela Route in Summertime Saga, so that you achieve all your goals without any problem. You want to know more? Then you have all the information you need.

Requirements to unlock the Consuela Route

  • 7 Charisma Points
  • Buy the beach house
  • 1000 Dollars

Summertime Saga Guide – Consuela

  • Go to the mayor’s mansion during the afternoon. Follow the maid to the patio after hearing the fight and you will meet Consuela.
  • Go to the main room and hide under the bed.
  • The next day you will have to go back to the mansion and talk to Melonia about Consuela. Go out to the patio and meet Ricky.
  • Go to the Pink store. They will offer you a robot and you must buy it.
  • Let two days go by and pick up the package you ordered in Pink. Then take him to the mansion and let Consuela thank you.

New job

  • Now you will have to wait until a Sunday morning. Find Consuela on the outskirts of the mall and head to the church after talking to her.
  • Talk to Father Keeves and get a meeting for Consuela.
  • Try to get him a job at school.
  • Finally head to the hospital. Talk to the receptionist and convince her to accept Consuela.

Final scenes

  • For the next step you will have to have the beach house in your possession and let a full week go by.
  • Enter the bed on the second floor and rest.
  • The next day you will receive a visit from Consuela and Martínez.
  • Wait the next day in the afternoon to interact with Consuela again.
  • Let a week go by and find Consuela in the kitchen.
  • Again let a full week go by and head to the beach house.
  • Talk to Consuela and let the scenes begin.

We hope that this article has been to your liking and that you will get all the necessary information to successfully complete the Consuela route in Summertime Saga. Remember that you can find all the answers you are looking for in our main article of Summertime Saga Walkthrough.

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