The Best Minecraft Texture Packs

One of the most rewarding things for gamers is the fact that they listen to their recommendations for improving games. This is one of the reasons why Minecraft has had the success that places it as one of the most popular games.

However, HDGamers brings the best Minecraft texture packs to enhance the experience.

Why do I need the best Minecraft texture packs?

If you have played or have any knowledge of the world of Minecraft , you will know that the graphic section is one of the great points in which it is due. Despite this, it did not prevent him from positioning himself as one of the favorite games of the gamer universe in recent years.

However, by giving its users the freedom to innovate and create any number of virtual worlds and works of art, it allows the same game to grow and adapt to the needs and demands of an increasingly demanding public.

That is why, from the continuous complaints of the players, the idea was born to create a series of patches or mods that allow improving this deficiency. Therefore, the different Minecraft Texture Packs began to appear on the web.

But there came a point where it could be said that everything got out of control, and for good. Since countless mods were developed to correct and refine the graphics of the game. Consequently, HDGamers set about building a small list of the top 10 Minecraft texture packs .

mejores paquetes de textura de Minecraft

What are the best Minecraft texture packs?

In this order of ideas, we have created a selection with the best Minecraft texture packages based on the quality of improvement they offer to the game. As well as the demand that this program will represent for your computer.

Consequently, the list you will see below could be drawn up based on the monitoring of these criteria.


The first option that we are going to present to you in this guide on the best Minecraft texture packs is one that enhances the concept of the game.

In this sense, we are talking about Jolicraft that although it does not offer an extraordinary improvement in the textures of the game as such, it will allow you to find true works of art such as the rays of the sun or, the incidence of light on surfaces.

A condition that closely resembles the performance of a shader. However, the Jolicraft packages do not handle the lighting aspect of the game as much as it is responsible for optimizing the vision of the surfaces in different lighting moments.

However, the most notable aspect of this package is the fact that you can customize them from your own site. Yes, we have the freedom to improve it and adapt it to our liking so we should consider them as one of the best Minecraft texture packages in constant evolution.


If you are looking for a package that modifies textures to a degree where there is no objectionable point to Minecraft graphics, John Smith is the best option to satisfy your wishes. and demands.

When we talk about this kind of package, we mean one where we will find all the optimized textures. It is with which we will find from rocks, cobblestones to skeletons and much more realistic clouds than we found in the original version of the game.

In addition, the John Smith package will bring us a much more vivid color palette, which has a positive impact on the dynamics of the animations. All this ends up offering one of the best Minecraft texture packages that, due to its completeness and practicality, you must have installed.

However, it is one of the most demanding for your team compared to the original version of the game. However, the requirements do not vary greatly so with a mid-range PC you can run perfectly.


Another of the best Minecraft texture packs that is very popular is the painter . Most of all, it offers users an infinite variety of options in any game mode.

But, where it has the biggest advantage over the previous options, is that the painter package allows you to play in creator mode with the same quality graphics at all times. That is, it optimizes the texturas of the game in any style of game.

Likewise, like the previous alternative, it offers such a complete color palette and with a quite striking dynamism that will allow you to create without limits from houses, tools and stations. Without a doubt, one of the packages that you should always have installed.


Something that always attracts attention in Minecraft is the infinity of works of art in their natural biomes. From hills, mountain ranges to glaciers whose “natural” beauty is completely appealing to any player who likes exploration.

However, one of the best Minecraft texture packs takes care of enhancing the aesthetics of these magnificent masterpieces that we constantly encounter in the game. It is the Colinas de Croma and its effect is simply sublime and incomparable.

However, it is one of the most limited texture packages we have discussed so far. But, for the beauty in the hills and natural structures it is very worth having it whenever we are immersed in the universe of Minecraft .


One of the most popular themes in the game is traveling to the middle ages and becoming a knight to fight dragons and save princesses in distress. A fairly common dream in the vast population of Minecraft players.

So it’s no wonder that the Creative Medieval Texture Pack is one of the most sought-after and coveted of the vast collection of Best Minecraft Texture Packages , But the fact of offering the best quality HD in this kind of worlds is not enough reason to be considered one of the best.

That merit was earned by offering considerable improvement in surface gloss as well as overall textures in any biome in the game. So, in short, we are talking about one of the most complete and best-value packages that we can offer our readers.

mejores paquetes de textura de Minecraft


If you are one of those explorers who go out of their way to go out in the cold, dark and mysterious nights of Minecraft to travel through that magnificent imaginary world just to contemplate the skies. The Glimmar´s Steampunk package has to be in your options catalog.

Although it is a package that has certain limitations such as the Hills of Chroma that we discussed earlier. Both share the same argument that tends to rosar perfection in their work.

In this sense, the skies in general will be one of the great improvements that you will notice after installing this package. Likewise, you will find some tools for the creative mode that will allow you to give that wonderful world your own seal.

That is why at HDGamers we consider this option as one of the best Minecraft texture packages . However, if you want to live a more complete experience in terms of optimizing the graphics of the game, we recommend complementing the work of Glimmars´s Steampunk with another package.


While we focus on finding options to greatly improve Minecraft graphics. We never stop to think how far we want to go.

It is from this idea that we find packages such as the Realista de Misa that, in a few words, we can say that it optimizes the graphics of the game. That is to say, it gives such a real touch to a world made of cubes that ends up giving the feeling of losing the essence of the game.

So why if you’re doing something wrong do we consider it one of the best Minecraft texture packs ? The answer is basically because it is a mod that will allow you to play in a world that tends to be realistic. Regardless of the original aesthetics of the game, it takes us to a world of Minecraft that is quite far from the original, at least in the graphic section.

However, we have to warn you that it is the mod that will demand the most from your order. So it is not one that you can run on a pc that barely meets the recommended requirements to run the game.

Cartoons by default

Unlike the previous segment, in this package of textures we will find a unique way of seeing the universe of Minecraft from a perspective more adjusted to the caricaturesflush.

Although it does not greatly modify the textures of the game as such. It allows us to have a quite sublime graphic optimization that is barely noticeable. Arguably, it is a mod that ends up improving the game by sticking faithfully to the original version of it.

In this sense, we talk about the default cartoon package as one of the best Minecraft texture packages by offering us a series of alternatives to see a range of more vivid colors and cleaner animations. It is a simple package in sight that for game romantics, it is ideal to enjoy long hours of entertainment in an aesthetically improved world but faithful to the Minecraft style.


The next step in the evolution of the best Minecraft texture packs was to integrate a slightly more cartoonish style into the game. In this sense, BDcraft´s takes all the praise when presenting the Sphax Puredbcraft to the world.

Despite adding more vibrant colors and a much more realistic air to the game, it still retains the original Minecraft style by just polishing, so to speak, the less stylized graphics. That is why it ends up being one of the best options for game lovers.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Sphax Purebdcarft is one of the packages that gives you the freedom to modify it on the fly. To the point of finding an anime style of its own in the new creations generated with it. Without a doubt, an alternative that you should consider to give a different touch to the game.


One of the aesthetic styles that is quite popular in contemporary society is the minimalist focus on details about objects. That is why it should not be surprising that these concepts appear in a game as popular as Minecraft .

Consequently, with a vision more focused on minimizing excessive details to preserve and enhance the most representative ones. With much more complete rendering in colors making them more eye-catching and eye-catching, we came across the OCD bundle as one of the best Minecraft texture bundles .

mejores paquetes de textura de Minecraft

How to install the best Minecraft texture packages?

The last point that we are going to deal with in this guide where we present the best Minecraft texture packages is precisely the correct way to install them in order to enjoy the great benefits that we have previously described.

In this sense, if you are already somewhat familiar with the idea of ?? mods in Minecraft , this point could come out naturally. However, we will focus on giving you the most complete and accurate information on the procedure for your installation. To do this, you just have to follow the steps that we will describe below:

  • First, you have to download the packages that most caught your attention.
  • Next, you will have to start the game.
  • Subsequently, go to the options window in the main menu.
  • Now go to the section called Resource Packages and proceed to open them.
  • At this point, just drag the ones you downloaded.
  • Lastly, you just have to enjoy the improvements you just installed on your Minecraft .

Latest recommendations on the best Minecraft texture packs

To finish with this guide on the best Minecraft texture packages , we only need to recommend that you check the page where you downloaded the packages for which version of the game they work.

All this to avoid having problems when running the game after having installed the best Minecraft texture packages . Therefore, the only thing left for us in HDGamers is to invite them to play and enjoy this incredible game.



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