The Forest: Cheats and Codes for PC

In case you are looking for codes for The Forest , in this article we will give you everything you need to improve your gaming experience.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to survive the attack of the natives of the island, so here we will leave you the instructions to use codes in The Forest.

The Forest Codes and Tricks – Pause Menu

It is important to make an initial clarification, and there are two types of codes to use in The Forest . The simplest and simplest are those of the Pause Menu, where you will not need to carry out any additional tasks.

Next, we leave you the list with The Forest codes for the Pause Menu .

ironforestBuildings are indestructible. To disable, enter the code again. This can also be accessed within the game options
meatmodeDisable all tricks
rawmeatmodeImplements permanent death, when the player dies, the saved game is deleted. To disable, retype the code
regrowmode10% of all fallen trees will grow back while you sleep, as long as the tree stump is still there. This can also be accessed within the game options
veganmodeOnly enemies will appear in caves
vegetarianmodeEnemies only appear at night
woodpasteRestores all holes made by the hole cutter and the crane.
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The Forest Codes and Tricks – How to use the Command Console?

On the other hand, we can find the codes that must be entered through the so-called Command Console. To achieve this, you will need to enter “developermodeon” in the main menu and then press F1.

The Forest Codes and Tricks – Command Console

Once you have done the above correctly you can start entering the codes in the console and experiment with the game as you always wanted. Here we leave you all the codes for The Forest.

buildermode onon: activate the buildhack, activate the divine mode, deactivate the survival mode, add all the elements (not elements of the story) and deactivate the enemies.
buildermode off
cavelight onIncrease the light while you are in a cave. Basically daylight inside the caves.
cavelight off
faststart onThe plane crash is skipped
faststart off
godmode onNo damage, unlimited resistance, fullness, water, energy, etc. You can’t die
godmode off
buildhack onLets you build as a creative mode. Unlimited resources and super fast construction
buildhack off
cancelallghostsDELETE each plane that has been placed, it will be very loud if you have a lot!
buildallghostsBUILD each plane that has been placed, it will be very noisy if you have a lot!
addallitemsAdd all articles, except history articles. Use twice to fill inventory storage bags, such as stick bags, etc.
addallstoryitemsAdd all the elements of the story, such as cards
itemhack onNever run out of articles, you must have the article first
itemhack off
survival onIt is not necessary to eat, drink, etc.
survival off
saveSave the game, no matter where in the world you are
speedyrun onRun fast, be careful not to kill yourself, you have a lot of time in the air. This may be faulty, if it is off, you may not be able to runar. Try to duck, run, jump, etc. to restart it.
speedyrun off
invisible onIt does so that you can walk / run underwater like your air, it disables the effects of swimming, water lighting, texture effects and washing of blood, paint and mud. (it has no effect on the rain, it still washes you as usual)
invisible off
killallenemiesKill all the cannibals and mutants in the game, although they will reappear
enemies onTurn enemies, cannibals and mutants on or off
enemies off
additem 77Add a live rabbit to the player’s hand. It can be placed inside a rabbit cage
terrainrender onField tour
terrainrender offTurn off the ground, you can still walk
lightingtimeofdayoverride noonSets the game lighting at noon until it turns off
forcerain heavyChange the weather to heavy rains, useful for filling water collectors.
forcerain sunnyChange the weather to sunny, useful to stop the bad weather.
cutdowntrees 1010 will cut 10 trees, choose any number
cutdowntrees 100%100% will cut all trees, choose any percentage
cutgrass 10Cut the grass in a radius of 10 around the player, choose any number. It may take a long time to load if large sizes are chosen
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The Forest Cheats and Codes – Change the Difficulty

setdifficultymode peacefulChange difficulty to Peaceful Mode
setdifficultymode normalChange difficulty to Normal Mode
setdifficultymode hardChange difficulty to Hard Mode
setdifficultymode hardsurvivalChange difficulty to Hard Survival Mode
setgamemode standardChanges game mode to standard
setgamemode creativeChanges game mode to creative
setgamemode modChanges game mode to mod

The Forest Cheats and Codes – Change Time and Luminosity

checkdayChecks time of day, can be useful for multiplayer if joining
advancedaySkips one day ahead, not much use
setcurrentday 100Will change day to 100, any number can be used
timescale (number)Changes the speed of the game, 0 pauses, 1 is normal, 2 is faster, etc. DON’T GO TOO HIGH, STAY BELOW 20 then work your way up
gametimescale #Change # to a number. Changes the speed of day/night cycle, hunger, energy, thirst etc. Much safer than time scale
timescale 0This will pause the game, press ESC twice to unpause
lightingtimeofdayoverride offTurns off this command if it is turned on
lightingtimeofdayoverride HR:MMCan be used to set anytime you wish, for example, 10:00 will make it 10 in the morning
lightingtimeofdayoverride morningSets game lighting to morning until turned off
lightingtimeofdayoverride noonSets game lighting to noon until turned off
lightingtimeofdayoverride sunsetSets game lighting to sunrise until turned off
lightingtimeofdayoverride nightSets game lighting to night until turned off
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The Forest Cheats and Codes – Change the Enviroment

allowsunshineCan be toggled on and off without typing on or off at the end. Turns sunshine/fog on or off. When this is off, it can greatly increase view distance, though some textures look a bit funny.
allowsunshine on
allowsunshine off
terrainrender onTurns on terrain
terrainrender offTurns off terrain, can still be walked on
plantallgardensPlants all gardens, also returns the amount of gardens
growalldirtpilesRefill dirt piles used for camouflage
cutdowntrees 1010 will cut down 10 trees, choose any number
cutdowntrees 100%100% will cut down all trees, choose any percentage
cutgrass 10Cut grass in a 10 radius around player, choose any number. Can take a long time to load if large sizes are chosen
forcerain lightChanges weather to light rain
forcerain 2
forcerain mediumChanges weather to moderate rain
forcerain 3
forcerain heavyChanges weather to heavy rain
forcerain 4
forcerain cloudChanges weather to cloudy
forcerain 5
forcerain sunnyChanges weather to sunny
forcerain 6
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The Forest Cheats and Codes – For Player

revealcavemapReveals the entire map, for above ground and below ground.
unlimitedHairspray onNever run out of Hairspray fuel.
unlimitedHairspray off
saveSaves the game, no matter where you are in the world
itemhack onNever run out of items, must have the item in the first place.
itemhack off
energyhack onUnlimited energy and stamina
energyhack off
godmode onNo damage, unlimited stamina, fullness, water, energy etc
godmode off
survival onNo need to eat, drink etc
survival off
killlocalplayerKills player, depending on game state. In multiplayer, you will drop down
killmefastPermanent Suicide, will require reload
revivelocalplayerRevives player, might only work in multiplayer
fakehitplayerFake hits the player, player is stunted causing the player to ‘flinch’
speedyrun onFast run, Be careful not to kill yourself, you get a lot of air time
speedyrun off
invisible onMakes it so you can walk/run underwater like its air, disables swimming effects water lighting texture effects and washing of blood, paint & mud. (has no effect on rain it still washes you as normal). This also allows you to move through invisible barricades within the game. For example, at the cliffs at the top end of the map and the edges of the map. Note that you can fall out of the map with this on.
invisible off
setvariationextra NoneRemoves jacket if the player was wearing one
setvariationextra JacketAdds jacket if the player wasn’t wearing one
decaynextmeatChanges one meat, example: fresh>edible or edible>spoiled
poisonPoison is same as being hit by a poison arrow or a poison upgraded weapon, it causes infection which requires aloe to heal.
hitlocalplayer 50Player will take 50 damage to 100, 0 – 100 can be used
setstat fullChanges all stats to full, such as health, energy, stamina, etc
setstat Health 100Changes health amount to 100, 0 – 100 can be used
setstat Stamina 100Changes stamina amount to 100, 0 – 100 can be used
setstat Energy 100Changes energy amount to 100, 0 – 100 can be used
setstat Sanity 100Changes sanity amount to 100,0 – 100 can be used
setstat Fullness 100Changes fullness amount to 100, 0 – 100 can be used
setstat BatteryCharge 100Changes flashlight batteries charge to 100, 0 – 100 can be used. Most likely also affects weapons with flashlights attached
setSkill runTime 100Sets sprint/run time to 100, this should max out athleticism
setSkill lungTime 100Sets swim underwater time to 100, this should max out athleticism
setSkill ath 100Sets athleticism to 99, which is the max
stewcomboverbose onIndicates when a successful stew recipe/combination was consumed.
stewcomboverbose off
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The Forest Cheats and Codes – Getting Items

addallitemsAdd all items, except story items. Use twice to fill bag storage
removeallitemsRemoves all items from the player, including the plane axe.
addallstoryitemsAdds all story items, such as keycards
removeallstoryitemsRemoves all story items, such as keycards
spawnallpickupsRespawns all items that have been collected


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