What is a lucky Pokémon

One of the more obscure features of Pokemon Go is Lucky Trades. Players can trade Pokémon with their friends. And in addition to getting rare Pokemon, you can also get lucky Pokemon. However, doing this is much more difficult than it seems.

One of the characteristics of lucky trades is that the age of your Pokémon plays an important role. The older the Pokemon, the higher the chance rate when trading with friends. Pokémon less than a year old have a 5% chance. And then each year the Luck Rate will increase another 5%.

What is a lucky Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

So you want to know what lucky Pokémon is in Pokémon GO. Essentially, these are Pokemon that require less Stardust to grow than others of their type. That means you can power them up for cheap in comparison, and it’s certainly a boon for the busy trainer. However, how do you get lucky Pokémon? Well, you’re going to have to get one through a trade. We’ve got a generic guide to trading in Pokémon GO if the activity isn’t familiar to you, so be sure to take a look here.

How to get lucky Pokémon in Pokémon GO

If you want to get a lucky Pokémon, you’ll have to start making friends in the world of Pokémon GO. The only way to get your hands on one of these rare Pokemon is to trade with friends, and if you’ve never traded before, we’ve got you covered for special trades, as well as the maximum trade distance that can take place. What makes a lucky Pokémon, well, lucky, is the fact that you never know if you’re going to get one.

That’s right, the only way to get a lucky Pokemon is by pure chance, so you’ll want to keep trading as often as possible in hopes of finally getting one. However, there is a good reason why they are lucky. Your friend could switch out a pretty weak Pokemon for you, and if he shows up and gets lucky, he’ll get an instant boost to his IV stats, putting him at least 8 out of 10 for every spot.

How do lucky Pokémon work?

Essentially, a lucky Pokémon is easier to power up. Every time you power up a Pokemon, you must use Stardust and Candies. Lucky Pokemon’s stardust requirement is permanently reduced by 50%, making it much easier to make them stronger when you use them. It’s a complicated process to use a Pokémon with ideal stats and get lucky. Every time you trade a Pokémon with another trainer, its stats change. There’s a chance that a perfectly suitable PvP Pokémon could become nothing more than a Pokédex filler if it’s traded, even if you’re lucky.

There is a lot of randomness involved in using Lucky Pokémon. You don’t want to protect all of your Pokémon Go Battle League from getting lucky, but if it does happen and the Pokémon has great stats, it makes your life easier.

How to catch a lucky Pokémon

Well, it is not specified that you will be able to catch any lucky Pokémon in the wild, they are obtained exclusively through trade. When trading a Pokémon, you have the option to receive The Lucky status. But a few things still need to be explored, as the community hasn’t worked out the details. It’s done and as long as you’ve had a Pokemon, there’s a higher chance you’ll get lucky when trading.

For example, a Pokémon caught in 2018 is more likely to get Lucky status when traded with a Pokémon caught in 2020, because the two Pokémon are of different ages in trade, therefore the community I suspected that Pokémon GO would move. around to calculate the typical age of the Pokémon.



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