Wild Revolvers Codes – Complete List

A guest who can never be left out at the party for video game ideas is the theme of the old west. More when it comes to a platform like Roblox that gives the opportunity to everyone to expose their ideas and tastes. And an example of this is Wild Revolvers with their respective game codes .

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Valid and active Wild Revolvers codes

When we talk about Wild Revolvers codes , we have to start by saying that they are commands that will give you the opportunity to obtain a wide variety of objects and attributes. Which will be very useful throughout the game giving you long hours of fun.

Below, we present all the commands you can count on these days. So take advantage of them before they expire.

  • FREEGUN: You get a free skin, totally free, with this code.
  • FREEPOWER: You get free energy.
  • FreeRifle: You earn a regular rifle.
  • 50000likes: You get surprise prizes.
  • Trippy: You get the Trippy skin.
  • NovalyCode: You get free power (reverse gravity).
  • FreeSkin / Gun: You get a skin.
  • GUNSKIN: You get a “Texana” mask.
  • Rainbow: You get Skin “Rainbow”.
  • Gift: You get the Texan skin.
  • Outfit: You get Texan skin.
  • MysteryCode: get the Texan skin.
  • HappyHolidays: You get the Elfify Effect.
  • BLASTER: You get the Blaster Skin.
  • XboxOne: You get the Texan skin.
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Expired Wild Revolvers Codes

Unfortunately for lovers of wild west-style shootings, the following codes have stopped working.

  • 2000likes.
  • EarlyBird (re-release).
  • 1000likes.
  • 500likes.
  • 200likes.
  • EarlyBird
  • SallyGreenlsAwesome
  • 20000likes
  • 10000likes
  • 1500Rts.
  • F2TMRules.

How to redeem Wild Revolvers codes

To redeem the Wild Revolvers codes , just click on the menu options on the left of your screen. Here you will have to select the codes option. Then a window will open where you can write the codes of your preference.

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Next, we leave you with a small video that illustrates the entire procedure that we have previously described.

Now that you know everything about Wild Revolvers codes , all you have to do is get out in the ring and join your friends in fun battles against zombies in true Wild West style.

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