Base Raiders Codes – June 2023 (Complete List)

In HDGamers we want our readers to have all the possible help during their game sessions. This is why in this article we will leave you a complete list with all the Base Raiders codes that currently exist.

Valid Base Raiders Codes – Updated June 2023

          Code                        Reward

  • DISCOBOOST      Rare Crate
  • METAVERSE       Rare Crate
  • BASKET                1 stone basket
  • amazing                 10,000 base cash
  • rocket                     increased speed

Base Raiders Expired Codes

Code                                 Reward

  • lowgrav                        Low gravity giver
  • EXTRAHEALTH       Health Boost
  • BASE                            10,000 base cash
  • 10m                              1 rare crate
  • Discoraid                    Speed boost
  • Raid                             Base cash (2k?)
  • Uncommon                1 uncommon crate
  • Yellow                         1 Banana Dropper

How to Redeem Base Raiders Codes

In the event that you still do not know very well how to redeem your codes in Base Raiders, here we leave you a video in which the procedure to obtain the rewards you are looking for is explained clearly and easily.

What is Base Raiders?

It is an extremely popular game on Roblox, which is of the fighting genre and was created in 2018 and has more than 352,082 favorites. Within Base Raiders you will have to fight against enemy troops and be quite a military strategist to advance.

According to its own special section in Roblox, within the game you can build a base to defend yourself from enemy attacks and how much strange agent is harbored within this fascinating universe.

You also have at your disposal the opportunity to buy special tools and gadgets to defend your shelter. Within the game there is an interesting store of interactive items with which you will not only be able to defend yourself, but also interact, entertain, have fun and create your own collection.

In Base Raiser, assaults on enemy bases are allowed, but don’t be alarmed, because it’s not just to sow chaos and destruction; with the attacks you can conquer new territories and take money from other bases. Consider that it is not destruction for fun, it is a way of survival and enrichment.

How is it different from other games?

Within Roblox there are plenty of combat games and troops, however, Base Raiders makes the difference because it is not typically correct. You can attack and keep the enemy treasure. There are also traps that have all kinds of effects and always put you at an advantage over the enemy.

Keep an eye out for updates, because from time to time there are new weapons, items for your base and ultra-protective armor. If you are new, we recommend that you subscribe to a new server so as not to overload the others.

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