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Roblox Studio has featured many different types of games on its platform. Starting from fantasy to role-play you can find all types of games. Your Bizarre Adventure is one of the games having a unique Game Play.

You Bizzare Adventure is an RPG- styled game on Roblox based on the story Jo Jo’s Adventure.YBA Dupe is the scripting language used in Your Bizzare Adventure to dupe some items.

What is YBA Dupe?

YBA dupe is referred to as equipping some items used in You Bizarre Adventure game with a hidden trick. To dupe any in the game you have to execute the YBA dupe script. It makes the gameplay fun and easy. You can enjoy some incredible and top-notch features such as God mode, high jump, super jump, auto farm, etc. 

This script has so many unique features. They are:

  • YBA auto farm script.
  • Instant teleporting to any location script.
  • Auto High and super jump.
  • Getting mysterious arrows anywhere 
  • Getting red, blue, and yellow candy.
  • Auto fly, anti-TS, no fog, and one-shot kill 
  • Roblox game guideline script and etc.

How to execute YBA dupe in Your Bizarre Adventure?? 

Executing a YBA dupe script is easy. But you need to keep in mind that you can only execute the YBA script while being in the YBA world. YBA item dupes follow the following procedure:

  • Firstly, copy the YBA dupe script.
  • Run the game and find a bottle of blood in a hidden room in the sewers.
  • Get the bottle and execute the copied script.
  • Trade the first drop of the blood and list what items you want to dupe.

After these steps, you will have the item you want to dupe in the game. Here is a link to the YBA dupe script.

YBA dupe: 


Duping items in Your Bizarre Adventure makes the gameplay fun, exciting, and smooth. It’s an amazing game for teenagers to adults as well. As this game has a lot of features, it has different scripts for different features. Hopefully,  after reading this article, you will be able to understand the process of executing the YBA dupe script. I suggest you play the game today and have the best gaming experience!!


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