Jackpot.com launches in Massachusetts

Jackpot.com launches in Massachusetts

Jackpot.com launches in Massachusetts

Jackpot.com, is the leading lottery app and website that enables clients to safely purchase legitimate state lottery tickets and collect rewards straight from their mobile devices, desktop computers, or tablets. They have announced that it will be launching in the state of Massachusetts. It is now possible for customers in Massachusetts to say goodbye to the time they have wasted waiting in line, looking for tickets that they have misplaced, and missing out on prize money. Keep on reading for detailed information 

About Jackpot.com

Jackpot.com’s platform provides users with an improved experience throughout the entirety of the gaming process. They begin with the purchase of tickets and continue through the notification of customers when they win and the safe transfer of earnings directly into their accounts.

Jackpot.com is currently offering its safe and secure lottery courier service in the states of Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Texas. Customers have the ability to order official state lottery tickets from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers through the services provided by Jackpot.com. The company is currently expanding its service to more areas across the United States. iCap certification from the National Council on Problem Gaming was awarded to Jackpot.com as a result of the company’s extensive investments in responsible gaming protections. These precautions include default spending restrictions and other measures that are integrated throughout the experience. 

Everything You Need to Know About The Expansion of Jackpot.com

There will be a selection of games available on Jackpot.com, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Mass Cash, and Lucky for Life tickets, with other games arriving in the near future. In order to commemorate the debut of Massachusetts, patrons who enter the promotional code MASS during their initial play will be eligible to earn a complimentary ticket. The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Jackpot.com, Akshay Khanna, expressed his excitement. “We are excited to bring Jackpot.com to Massachusetts and offer customers a better experience to get in on the fun and try their luck on a winning ticket,” Khanna stated. “Each year, billions of dollars from the lottery are not collected by the winners because tickets are misplaced or for other reasons. There is no chance of missing out on jackpots when you play the lottery with Jackpot.com on your mobile device, tablet, or personal computer. Additionally, your earnings are sent to you immediately for your convenience.

The lottery industry, which is worth one hundred billion dollars, is undergoing a rapid transformation as a result of Jackpot.com’s recent expansion across the United States. The company has operations in the states of Texas, New York, and Ohio, and it boasts investments from major players in the sports, entertainment, and gaming industries. These major players include Massachusetts institutions such as the Kraft Group, Fenway Sports Group President Mike Gordon, Former Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein, and Boston Red Sox President and CEO Sam Kennedy.

What Gamers Can Expect? 

A new age is being ushered in as a result of the expansion and adoption of Jackpot.com across states that have the largest lotteries in the country, including Massachusetts. By providing customers with industry-leading protections and technology to identify problematic gaming, its progressive platform not only modernizes the way in which games are played, but it also gives customers the ability to play in a responsible manner.

Using safety guardrails and technological conveniences that are unique to digital platforms, Jackpot.com establishes a new benchmark for responsible gambling and utilizes these features. 

The company has made significant investments in responsible gaming protections. It includes the establishment of default limits on daily deposits, the provision of access to local and national resources for responsible gambling, self-exclusion, self-suspension, and automated notifications.Jackpot.com was able to become the only lottery courier service to begin with iCap certification from the National Council on Problem Gambling as a result of these investments.

Since it was established in 1972, the Massachusetts Lottery has been responsible for generating more than $149 billion in revenues. It awarded more than $105 billion in prizes and contributed more than $32 billion in net profit to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the purpose of providing unrestricted local aid to cities and towns.

Visit the website www.jackpot.com or download the app for either iOS or Android to get started.


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