Huh? Online Scratch Cards?! How The Heck Do Those Work?

No matter your favorite game, whether it’s Loteria, poker, or dominoes, there will always be a place for scratch cards. Lottery scratch cards are a fast way to get some cheap thrills and are also the ideal gift for a colleague, friend, or relative. But did you know that these scratch cards exist in virtual form, too?

If you thought that scratch cards could only be bought from your local lotto booth, you were wrong. Not only do the online variations exist, they’re also accompanied by some sweet no deposit bonuses provided by NoDepositKings. Now how’s that for an awesome gambling experience

What are scratch cards?

Scratch cards are those little lottery cards that you can buy from the local lotto booth. They typically have a grid pattern on them where you scratch off the top surface to reveal something underneath. Otherwise known as instant lotteries, scratchies, scratch tickets, lottery scratchers, instant scratch-its, or scratch off cards, in real life, you play these scratch cards by grabbing a coin and scratching off the top of a card to reveal numbers, letters, or symbols.

With these cards, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, although often you will win because there are small amounts to win. This keeps people coming back as happy players, and many players will grab a whole series of cards from a reel in the hopes to win a big prize.

There are variations on the traditional grid system with revealing symbols underneath. Some cards may offer multiple chances to win, or multiple games on the one card. Others provide a different game altogether. For example, there are crossword-style scratch cards where the player reveals their given letters, then rubs out all these letters within a crossword to see whether they have scored any words. The more words they score with their letters, the higher the win.

How do online scratch cards work?

Online scratch cards work just the same as real-life scratch cards, although you rub off the overlay design with a click of the mouse or tap or rub of the finger on your device. Now, for some people, this takes away the real pleasure of playing the game. Those who are seeking the tactile experience of digging out a coin, starting to run it slowly over the card on a flat surface, and blowing away the remnants of the scratch, will find online scratch cards significantly less pleasurable. It’s also pretty difficult to find online scratch cards that you can gift to another person. If you were thinking of sending your cousin Maria, over in the next state, some online scratch cards, then it’s probably better to gift her a different digital present, like an Amazon gift card, instead.

Most online scratch cards will have a simple grid design, where you have to match three or more symbols to win. You may be able to bet with a fixed amount per card or this may be variable. 

Where do you find online scratch cards? 

You can find online scratch cards at most online casinos. You will find them offered under the casino games category, typically, or they may even have their own category. If you are looking for scratch cards, then you may have to shop around to see which styles are your favorite. Most casinos also offer free play on their games of chance, like instant lotteries and slots, so that you can try out the games without having to spend any money. Once you have found ones that you like to play, you can then sign up, hopefully, get some good new player bonuses, and get to virtual scratching.

Are online scratch cards a good way to win money? 

Like any gambling activity, you will want to see whether it’s worth playing. For online scratch cards, they will usually have around the same returns as the regular scratch cards that you get at the store. So, if you like the odds on real-life scratch-its, you will probably like the odds on their virtual counterparts. Online gambling games will also show their RTP, meaning a return to player amount. Look for games that are as close to 100% as possible RTP. Games with an RTP of 96% or higher are considered quite a good return rate.

Like any gambling activity, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your bankroll, check your wins and losses, and not get so deep in the game that you lose sight. Thanks to the low novelty in online scratch cards, it’s unlikely you’ll stay playing all day – which is a good thing! 




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