Bloons TD6 Best Mods

The wonderful tower defense game Bloons TD 6 is the sixth entry in the Bloons TD series. BTD 6 was written by and published by Ninja Kiwi. In June 2018, it was formally made available for iOS and Android. Using the BTD6 Mods version, you can acquire items such as Monkey Money, Gurren Core, Infinite Range, Melonloader, Manager, 5TH Tiers, Knowledge, Money, etc. Immediately, let’s begin the Bloons TD6 Mods instruction.

Each BTD6 mod is included here, along with the best Bloons TD6 mod.

Infinite 5TH Tiers BTD6 Mod

With this mod, Infinite 5TH Tiers, the fifth-tier placement restriction is removed and you are free to add as many as you like. To download the TD6 Infinite 5TH Tiers Mod click here.

MelonLoader BTD6 Mod

MelonLoader is a superb all-purpose Mod-Loader for games using the Unity Engine. You may find mods for your favorite games by just asking in the relevant gaming groups. To download the Bloons TD6 MelonLoader, click here.

Infinite Monkey Money BTD6 Mod

By adjusting the parameters in Bloons TD’s mod helper, you may quickly change the quantity. With the help of this hack, your virtual monkey cash will become the practically limitless value of 999999999.  To download the Infinite Monkey Money Mod, click here.

BTD6 Gurren Core Mod

An efficient and small Bloons TD6 API. Because of its consistency and usability, you may be sure that your improvements will work as intended. As a result, there won’t be any more actual unexpected issues or broken mods. Although anyone may use it, its primary purpose is to serve as a backend for individual mods. To download Gurren Core Mod, click here.

Mod Manager BTD6

This app allows you to manage every single Bloons TD 6 mod you own! You may effortlessly switch between them and launch as many of them as you like. To download Bloons TD6 Mod Manager, click here.

Hypersonic Infinite Range Bloons TD6 Mod

This incredibly simple hack gives all towers an infinite range and transforms them into hypersonic missiles. When you first access the main menu after a successful installation, a settings file is immediately generated. BloonsTD6/Mods/Infinite Hypersonic Range contains the settings.json file. By modifying this file, you can quickly change the full hypersonic speed and turn off the infinite range. To download the Hypersonic Infinite Range Bloons Mod, click here.

Place Towers Anywhere Bloons TD6 Mod

You can construct towers anywhere on the map using this in-game cheat, even on other monkeys. This mod does not work in Races, Odyssey, or Public Co-op. To download Place Towers Anywhere Bloons TD6, click here.

Infinite Monkey Knowledge BTD6 Mod

By using the Bloons TD mod assistance settings, you can quickly change the quantity. Your monkey knowledge is fully changed by this mod to 99999999+, which is actually unlimited. To download the Infinite Monkey Knowledge BTD6 Mod click here.

Bloons TD6 Mod Helper

Bloons TD6 modification requires a robust and pleasant API. Because it was developed with the successes and drawbacks of the preceding APIs in mind, it might be easier to use. To download Mod Helper BTD6, click here.

Free Powers BTD6 Mod

Every power in the game is actually free with this hack! This mod does not work in Odyssey, Races, or Public Co-op. To download Free Powers Bloons TD6 click here.

Unlimited Heros Bloons TD6 Mod

You can use any hero you’ve unlocked in the game, as well as a limitless number of them, with this in-game modification. However, it is incompatible with public Co-op, races, or Odyssey. To download Unlimited Heroes Bloons TD6, click here.

Those are the mods for Bloons TD6. This will help you choose the best mod for you. Select different mods and enjoy Bloons TD6.



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