Best Dark Souls Mods

A game like Dark Souls doesn’t need much introduction. But, if you want to find something that elevates your experience to a new level, with more deaths included, Dark Souls mods are what you need.

In short, these are some files that will give you access to a whole new universe of possibilities in your game Are you ready to meet them?

How do I install the Dark Souls mods?

In this vein, the first thing you should learn about Dark Souls mods is the correct way to install them. Only then will you avoid suffering any kind of problems in your games.

Therefore, to install the mods that you will learn about later, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you should do is download the DSFIX and install it in your folder from Dark Souls.
  • He will generate a folder and inside it you will find another called tex_override .
  • Download the Dark Souls mods that you want to use
  • Unzip the files you downloaded.
  • Send them to the tex_override folder of your game.

Automatic form

  • There are cases where the mod brings an executable or .exe file. If this is the case, you will only have to run it so that the mods in question is installed

Manual form

  • In the case where you do not have such a file, you will have to do the following steps:
  • Send them to the tex_override folder of your game.
  • Run the game as administrator.

mods de Dark Souls

What are the best mods for Dark Souls?

Now that you know how to install them, the question that arises might be Which are the best? After all, a game like this should have a huge variety of options.

Don’t worry, HDGamers was given the mission to collect and create a selection with the best Dark Souls mods for you. Next, we will show it to you.

Chemical cranberry XD

What does this mod offer?

  • Replace the grass ridge shield texture with a super hot, soggy XD image.
  • Replace the text ‘YOU DIED ‘ with ‘LUL DAB’ .
  • Add the shield LULDAB to the want texture.

Shovel Knight Title Screen Song

What does this mod offer?

  • This mod adds the song Shovel Knight to the title screen.

Weathered Brass Heater Shield

What does this mod offer?

  • Customize and retexture for the META.
  • Heating shield to look 100% less ugly.
  • It has inspired the set of bronze armor.
  • Enhanced maps have been included.

Classic Armor Pack

What does this mod offer?

  • Take the degraded armor textures in the remastered version of the game and restore them to their former glory.
  • Makes the game look and feel much better and cooler respectively.

Dark Souls Visual Overhaul

What does this mod offer?

  • Textures.
  • Lighting.
  • Particles.
  • All areas.

Skull HUD Remastered

What does this mod offer?

  • Make the game feel fresh and more polished.
  • The HUD looks much better.
  • Includes health and stamina bars.

Dark Souls Item Randomizer

What does this mod offer?

  • A completely new experience.
  • NPCs.
  • Elements in random places.
  • Rekindle your love for the classic.


What does this mod offer?

  • Provides more depth by reworking how certain weapons and armor sets work,
  • Improve enemy AI.
  • Create new classes.

Starting Classes For NPC Cosplay

What does this mod offer?

  • Play as a classCharacter similar to the NPCs of your favorite Dark Souls characters.

New Game Plus Infinite

What does this mod offer?

  • This mod is ideal for anyone who feels that the first few playthroughs weren’t challenging enough.

Boshy Death Spice

What does this mod offer?

  • This mod changes the sound and the death message to be more like boshy .

Age of Sunlight – Gameplay Overhaul

What does this mod offer?

  • General combat improvements.
  • A perfect guard mechanic.
  • A slightly more difficult game.
  • Healing is now more punishable.
  • Parry time has tightened.
  • All weapons have been rebalanced, including:
  • The addition of new attacks.
  • The sets of movements.
  • Each ring has been rebalanced:
  • The Ring:
    • Blue Tear Stone.
    • Of Being Tiny.
    • From the Evil Eye.
  • Each spell has been rebalanced.
  • Articles have been changed:
  • Copper / silver / gold coins increase fallen souls.
  • The discovery of articles.
  • Humanity heals over time.
  • Poison and bleeding are viable.
  • More than 50 enemy types have improved hitboxes .
  • Bonfires have been added.
  • Bosses have new attacks and even second phases.
  • The boss design has been improved in general.
  • All weapons, except shields, can be promoted via any upgrade path.
  • Stores have been reorganized with new:
    • Articles.
    • Weapons.
    • Spells.
    • Rings.

Improved Main Menu Revised (1080p Only)

What does this mod offer?

  • Replaces the title screen intro animation.
  • Add music from one of the Dark Souls trailers.

Reset Bonfire alternative

What does this mod offer?

  • More transparent the effect of Bonfire.
  • The character does not disappear at any time when the transition occurs.

Note: It is required to have DSFIX installed and have this line configured in the DSFIX.ini enableTextureOverride 1

Grass Crest Shield Gwyndolin

What does this mod offer?

  • The mod Gwyndolin in a white rose.
    • It comes with an icon.
      • Circle and gradiant have been added to the shield texture to fill the “empty space” around it.

Fluted Set Replacement for Elite Knight Set

What does this mod offer?

  • The Elite Knight Ensemble by the Knight Ensemble with the Striated Ensemble.
  • LOD models and icons.

New FOG:

What does this mod offer?

  • Modify the remastered fog effect (FOG) of the Dark Souls.

Note: This mod also affects the effect when we activate the Bonfire .

Give both spider ladies a bra for goodness sake

What does this mod offer?

  • With this mod you can give Queelag and the Daughter of Chaos the latest in irregular clothing with a bra attached. </ li >

Scabbard Be Gone

What does this mod offer?

  • With this mod vacuations of weapons have been eliminated in Dark Souls.

Oakeshott Type X – Longsword Replacer

What does this mod offer?

  • Through this mod the replacement Oakeshott Type X for longsword was implemented using the original texture.

Flipped Lucerne

What does this mod offer?

  • Modify or flip the lucerne with the X axis.
  • In addition, it is included in both LOD and normal models.

New Torch Fire Effect

What does this mod offer?

  • With the application of this mod remastered, a new fire effect is achieved for the torches.

Mobility Mod – Resistance Stat Increases Equip Load Limit

What does this mod offer?

  • Let the stamina stat increase the load limit of the equipment.
  • Stamina no longer influences equipment load limit.

Is there anything else I should know about Dark Souls mods?

Something important that you should know about Dark Souls mods is that, in general, the DSFIX program is activated to respond to any mods that you want to use.

However, there are cases where this file will not be configured that way. So you will have to do it manually.

Don’t worry, it is really easy to solve it. You just have to follow these steps to achieve it:

    • Find the DSFIX.text


  • Open this document with the notepad .
  • Find the command line enableTextureOverride which should be accompanied by:
    • 0 if disabled.
    • 1 if enabled.
  • Modify the parameter according to your convenience.
  • Run the game and enjoy the mods .

On the other hand, it is also worth reviewing our tier list of Dark Souls, with it you will be able to complement, in a great way, your adventure. That said, regarding the theme of Dark Souls mods we can only invite you to play and enjoy an adventure that will mark your life gamer.

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