Westbound: Hemlis Script [Updated]

Roblox is an online gaming app. It is basically a gaming station but with time it has become a platform where its users can explore, create and enjoy virtual gaming. Among many popular games on Roblox Studio, Westbound is one the most popular ones.

Westbound: Silent aim, Esp, No Recoil is a game on Roblox studio. It was created and developed by Moondrop studios. The game was launched on October 9th, 2018 as pay to play game and published as free a game on September 3rd, 2020.

What is Westbound?

Westbound is a virtual simulation game about the clash between cowboys and outlaws to get the leadership of Tumbleweed county, Arizona. This game has a lot of locations and roles such as cowboys, law-abiders, and lawbreakers. Both parties have different forts and camps.

The main theme of this game is to take the control of Tumbleweed and make money by robbing others’ towns, and forts, mining, and hunting anima. Money is needed to buy weapons, vehicles, shields, and other items. There are five game passes in this game they are- the Cactus Menace, the Kitchen Crusader, the US cavalry, and VIP. 

Westbound: Hemlis Script

The games on Roblox studio are generally created by the script and programming language. Westbound is created through Hemlish Script. You can find the script here at Hemlish Script and also play the game at Westbound: Silent Aim. Esp, No Recoil.

How to Install Westbound?

Roblox App is available on both smartphones and pcs. To install the westbound game all you have to do is to download the Roblox Studio App and Search for westbound. There are two versions available for Westbound. Just decide which one to play and download it. 


Westbound is an exciting virtual game that gives you the simulation of role play, fighting, running, earn money. However, it has some educational values such as time management, targeting, budgeting, etc. Therefore, it will brainstorm with you and give you patience and perseverance to win the battle. So, why not play this game to pass the leisure!!



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