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If we can highlight one characteristic of any gamer, it is their competitiveness. A feature that games like Heroes of the Storm (HotS) knows how to exploit to the highest level. A wish that can make us use any kind of help, like the HotS mods, to win.

Despite being a somewhat reprehensible act, especially when it comes to a MOBA , there are cases where honor and loyalty to the video game take a backseat. Therefore, if you want to learn how to use or report them, stay with us, here we will tell you all about these mods .

What are HotS mods?

To begin with, we must know what HotS mods are. In short, we can say that these are nothing more than files that will give a new dimension, addition or modification to certain aspects of the game .

As you can imagine, this is where those little traps fit where our hero can amplify his strength, reduce the load time of his abilities and much more.

However, it is worth noting that in this extensive and delicate world of mods of video games, there are some that are worth trying. These that improve the textures or give you a new game mode to try.

builds de asesinos de HotS

HotS mods

Likewise, we must highlight how incredibly fun and engaging are the games in Heroes of the Storm that have well earned their reputation as an amazing option to the highest figure of the genre.

We refer to League of Legends , a game that over the years could find its place as one of the eSports most popular worldwide; however, using a few files to get that little edge that can make the difference between victory and defeat is still quite tempting.

Returning to the topic of HotS mods , it is extremely important that you know that they are a huge advantage over your rival. In this sense, as we saw with the Albion Online mods, they would offer unbalanced and unethical competition.

Did I just make an assumption about them? The truth is that I did. After all, HotS mods are still a topic of discussion since, at least for moments, don’t exist .

So, if you really want to stand out in the combat arenas of Heroes of the Storm , you could try some of the HotS offensive builds or any other that we have previously recommended to you. That said, as for the HotS mods , we can only tell you that as soon as any legal is found, you will know it first here at HDGamers .

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