Prison Life Script (Roblox)

A group of people is trying to escape from the prison by impersonating the prison guards and another group of people is trying their best to stop these prisoners from escaping from the prison. An exciting game called prison life has been created based on this alternate picture of the prison. The prison life game was released in 2014 but it has gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years. There are two main characters in this game, two characters are Guard and Prisoner.

After reading this article till the end you will know the features of the prison life game and how to use it, so keep reading.

Prison Life All Features

Generally, all games have different features. Some of the basic features of Prison Life are given below:

o   Punch Aura

o   Loop Kill All

o   Auto Farm

o   Jump Power

o   Loop Tase All

o   Walk Speed

o   Get Keycard

o   Weapons

o   Fly

o   Speed

o   Teleport

o   Give Your Guns

o   Remove Doors & Fences

How to Use Prison Life Script?

o   First of all, you need to get Roblox Executor from an active website.

o   After getting Roblox Executor, you need to start the game.

o   The script will be downloaded from the website as soon as possible after starting the game from Roblox Executor.

o   Enter the code you have in the executor box.

o   After placing the code you need to select inject.

o   Press the button to start the inject.

o   The cheat will start working after launching the inject.

We recommended you use the free script to enjoy the game.

Some recommended free scripts 

If you click on this link, you will find some features like kill, bring, and crim.


Click this link to find other important features like NoClip, and Fly.



People want to enjoy any type of game properly. But if any kind of obstacle comes up while playing the game then people lose interest in playing the game. And people will not get any kind of fun if there is an obstacle while playing the Roblox Prison Life game. We hope that after reading this whole article you will understand what the Roblox Prison Life game is and how to use it.



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