Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy is official! When will it arrive?

One of the biggest open secrets was revealed. Rockstar Games makes the arrival of Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy official and you will not be able to believe everything that is brought.

As we have been able to experience in recent weeks with the numerous leaks of the GTA Remastered Trilogy, the game could be one of the gamer’s great jewels.

What will Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy be about?

You may already be an expert on Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy ; however, it is worth reviewing the official information provided by the company.

In this way, as we have been knowing for months, GTA Trilogy will be the remastering of three of the most important titles in the saga. We refer to GTA 3, Vice City and one that could not be missing for the world, GTA San Andreas.

We still don’t know what stories they will tell or what the gameplay will be like. What we do know, so far, is that they will receive a significant improvement in their graphic section. In this way, with the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy, they will bring these great gems of video games to the present.

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy

When will it be available?

Now that everything we dream of is a reality, we only have the anxiety to know what is the date on which we can acquire the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy.

Unfortunately, within all the information provided by Rockstar Games, it was not made official on the day of its worldwide launch.

However, thanks to the leaks of the GTA Remastered Trilogy that we showed you recently, it is speculated that it will be in the middle of November.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that the game will last until the end of this year. What is a reality is that GTA The Trilogy will be a game that we will enjoy from the next few months. Unless, like the famous GTA VI , some unforeseen events occur that prolong its arrival

What else do we know about GTA The Trilogy?

Another thing that fans around the world question the most is the company’s lack of transparency regarding what is already, for many, the worst kept secret in all of history.

So much so that there are even indications that it will be the most expensive game in the series. An idea that is somewhat annoying since all remasters are usually a little cheaper than the original versions.

It is also important to mention that on different platforms, such as Steam and Reditt , November 11 is spoken of as the official launch date of the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy . But, in the absence of an official trailer or something else , all this will be left to speculation. Therefore, it is best to wait. After all, we already know that the game is a reality and that sooner rather than later it will bring us, once again, the vibrant adventures that made GTA a true icon of the gamer world .

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