The Most Popular Casino Games Among GamStop Users

The Most Popular Casino Games Among GamStop Users

Gambling can be a rewarding but often addictive form of entertainment where individuals might get carried away with the prospect of winning huge dividends. UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) describes the policy of GamStop as a voluntary self-exclusion from all UKGC registered sites to help facilitate the player in curbing harmful gambling habits.

One of the downsides of being GamStop registered is its non-negotiable exclusion periods which range from 6 months to 5 years. If Serious players who after having accessed their dangerous gambling habits wish to participate and play on UKGC registered casinos they are unable to do so which leaves a detrimental effect on their gambling skills making it cumbersome for them to return to this recreational activity.

However, there are certain casinos registered under offshore gambling commissions such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Government of Gibraltar, etc which allow players to hone their skills while sticking to their GamStop agreement. This article provides a list of online casino games popular under these offshore commissions which help players to keep in touch with their highly perceptive gambling skills:

Slot Games

Slot games are one of the most popular online casino games, with their exciting themes and easy interface. Players can play this game as a stepping stone into playing more serious games with larger bets. One can set their bets according to their requirements to begin playing this game, set the autoplay option, choose the min and max bets, play a demo version to get an understanding of the winning combinations and paylines.

This game does not require specific skills, just a penchant for persistent gaming is required to derive fun and exciting rewards. Most slot games come with exciting themes like adventure, treasure hunting, safari, space arcades, underwater, Egyptian themes, and exploring the wild west. These games are fully immersive with their high-end graphics and musical background makes slot games one of the most popular games amongst GamStop users to familiarise themselves with easy gambling games and players can find thousands of them playing through NonGamStopBets sites or CasinoGap operators.

Most of these games offer free spins and bonus rounds along with jackpots and special symbols, fixed and multi paylines. The progressive jackpots often consisting of certain combinations of the wild and scatter symbols could give up to 10000X the bet amount. Making them a riot of sound, color, and thrill.


One of the most easily recognizable games, Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games in the world. Derived from the French word which directly translates into “little wheel” this casino game has various versions available for players to pursue. Each version provides a different house edge.

A higher edge is available for online roulette games valued at 2.70% compared to European roulette which offers no house edge. The American version of online roulette offers almost 5.26%- making this game a lucrative starting point for gamers to begin.

Video Poker

This game requires quite a bit of skill, a must-play for players looking to hone their skills. Video Poker is a step ahead of slot games where the player’s choice has a determining consequence in winning this game. This genre is commonly found online as well as in walk-in- casino establishments.

A variety of variations of video poker games are available- Double Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, Jacks Better Double Bonus.


A popular online game, craps are an easy-to-play dice game where players place their bets and win jackpots. This requires no extra effort and is based on luck making it quite popular amongst GamStop users.


A popular casino game that requires the player’s discretion at every step of the game. Online blackjack is easily available where offshore registered casinos provide exciting bonuses while playing 21 card games. Some casinos provide Blackjack competition for players looking out for a competitive round.


A popular game for players from Asia countries, a game of Baccarat often provides the highest rollers when compared to other casino games. This game is essentially a card game and a popular one in online casinos that provide real-time dealers and game sessions.

This casino game owes its popularity due to the high range of limits it provides making it a sure shot game to win handsome jackpots.

Concluding Thoughts

Players looking out for games after their GamStop registration are encouraged to assess their risky gambling habits before venturing out into the world of gambling and casinos yet again. While gambling and the electrifying atmosphere of casinos attract millions of its loyal customers at the same time it is important to keep in mind their financial and psychological well being before staking money in order to win lucrative jackpots.

These offshore registered casino games are a starting point for gamblers recovering and practising their gambling skills before their ban expires on UKGC registered casino sites.

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