6 Best Xbox games of the last decade to play for couples

Are you a fan of Xbox entertainment? Are you also single and seeking a partner to double up by the consoles, and also enjoy romance with? Look no further than digital dating. You could plan to hookup now by signing up for a matchmaking service. Algorithms will help you to connect with other members who are fanatical about gaming. The secure communication channel will help you to get familiar with likely candidates. While exchanging flirty messages, you could suggest ideal games to play together on your date nights. By way of inspiration, here is our list of the top six Xbox features of the past 10 years.

Grand Theft Auto V

Available from either the third-person or first-person point-of-view, GTA needs little introduction, having become a gargantuan gaming hit. Breaking industry records on release, and having earned about $6 billion in global revenue, this is one of the most entertaining games of the last decade. As a couple, you can participate in all sorts of nefarious activities, in a vividly-reproduced urban landscape. Featuring a killer soundtrack, and the ability to get involved in everything from heists to exhilarating cop chases, this is a must-play for any date night.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another Xbox-friendly game developed by Rockstar, this is a prequel to the hugely popular Red Dead Redemption. Again available in third or first person, you can also engage in multiplayer mode when online, increasing the adrenaline rush. Instead of GTA’s modern setting, you are plunged into the lawless late-19th-century ‘Wild West,’ where the pistol-toting outlaw Arthur Morgan and fellow members of the Van der Linde gang are engaged in heists and frequent shootouts. Pitted against you are rival gangs, the forces of law and order, and the natural terrain. You’ll find this extremely enjoyable.


This game is a little more sedate than the frenetic action of the first two suggestions, but it is equally gripping. Here you are employed as a fire lookout, after the disastrous Yellowstone fires that became a conflagration in 1988. Connecting to other protagonists via a walkie-talkie, you unravel conspiracy theories that allow intriguing layers to develop. The story and characters are wonderfully realised – the lookout takes the job after his wife’s diagnosis with early-onset dementia – while you can almost smell the verdant forested landscapes!

Portal 2

This game can become highly addictive, and involves having to solve puzzles to progress through the play. To teleport between the different stages, players become adept at placing portals strategically, then ‘teleporting’ between different points. This follow-up to the original Portal involves more sophisticated use of these portals, with the ability to travel with lasers, light bridges, and powerful tractor beams. A paint-like gel can also be applied to surfaces to allow the portals to be placed in a variety of locations. Amongst further innovations are new characters, like Wheatley, a robot, voiced by the English comedian and writer, Stephen Merchant. Further content can be downloaded, while a map editor enables players to create levels and also share these.

Quantum Break

To round off our whistle-stop tour of Xbox classics of the previous decade, let’s return to good old first-person shoot-em-up action. You are in control of Jack Joyce (voiced by Shawn Ashmore of X-Men fame) and have been given the power to control time after a time-machine experiment has failed. The ‘end of time’ beckons, so you have to do everything in your power to counter this potential catastrophe. No pressure there, then! With excellent graphics and gameplay, this would be the perfect way to conclude your couple’s Xbox experience.



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