AI and Gaming – the Future Explained


The world of gaming has come a long way since Sonic the Hedgehog 2D games on the Megadrive, and have evolved from the days of Space Invaders from even further back in time, and today the gaming industry is one of the most thriving fields out there that we’re sure isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon with what they release in terms of games, hardware and more.

With cross-platform options making it more accessible than ever to play with your family or friends, even if they’re sat halfway across the world from your everyday smartphone device to VR headsets that really make you believe that you’re deeply immersed within the game world fighting off machines with Aloy in Horizon: Call of the Mountain, it’s safe to say that Artificial Intelligence has, and will continue to shape the future.

With AI achieving what we thought was impossible in the past, it’s clear to see that the sky really is the limit, and the possibilities of AI in the future are truly endless. To read more about the sorts of areas we expect AI to make leaps and strides, keep reading below!

A World New World Within VR

Virtual and augmented reality, also known as VR and AR, have been around longer than you might have thought, but it’s only been a couple of years since it’s really taken off in the gaming industry. 

The possibility for players to enter a virtual world where they can experience 360 degrees of the game world meant that immersion and interaction became possible on a whole new level like never before. It’s one thing being able to control a player in an FPS game, but it’s a whole other level of immersive gaming if you are the first-person player yourself in a real game setting!

In previous years, VR/AR headsets haven’t quite managed to make their way into mainstream gaming the same way regular hardware consoles have done so, but this is definitely changing in the near future, and Playstation’s recent launch of the PSVR2 is proof of this. With updates and tweaks given to their original model, this device is supposed to be much lighter, more comfortable and installed with the cutting-edge technology of AI to make your gaming experience as immersive and real as possible!

We’re expecting updates and upgrades to both the software and hardware of VR headsets in the future, and more importantly, we expect to see it become a common accessory in homes with a hardware console of some kind as well.

Gaming in Your Pockets

Another area of gaming that has made incredible progress over the last few years is the ability to play games straight from your phone. And not just any old games but games that are complex enough to be comparable to games that you might play on PC or consoles. 

Smartphone gaming has even developed the ability to game on the go in a way where you can leave your game running on your console at home and pick up exactly where you left off on your mobile phone, which is quite an impressive and handy feature to have on hand. For many, it will mean that the morning commute to work has gotten a lot more interesting and bearable!

Another impressive development made to smartphone gaming, thanks to AI, has been the ability of cross-platform gaming. Before, if you wanted to play multiplayer, you and a friend would most likely have to have had the same console or, at the very least, the same game slowly that turned into online gaming, meaning that players were able to game online through an internet connection regardless of which console they had. That feature has now extended to smartphones as well, meaning that you could be playing Fortnite with friends on your phone; the others could be using a Nintendo Switch or a PC!


No More Consoles?

Streaming services as a technology in itself have definitely been booming over the years, with platforms like Netflix and Prime Video dominating the scene for a while. The technology behind it has paved the way for the gaming sector as well, and thanks to artificial intelligence, cloud gaming has become more popular and accessible than ever.

With fiber optic internet and 5G signals becoming available to more and more homes and smartphones, it means that players can now stream games straight to their smartphones and other devices, eliminating the need for hardware consoles. This might be a huge benefit for people who may not have a lot of space to dedicate to physical game discs or huge consoles (which seem to be becoming bigger and bigger each generation,) and as long as you have an internet connection, streaming and gaming from anywhere is possible.

And with companies such as Google, Sony and Microsoft investing in cloud gaming, it means that the games that are available to play aren’t just small games that no one has ever heard of. Rather, they include some big titles that are comparable to mainstream console titles, again making them more accessible to an increased number of potential players.

The World of AI

What we mentioned above is just a little snippet of what artificial intelligence is truly capable of, and it has already made such progress in such a variety of fields that we can’t wait to see it in the future! 

Just when we think that AI possibly couldn’t do anymore or go any further, we are pleasantly surprised by another innovative invention or technological advancement. Gamers, for one, can look forward to even more engaging and exciting gaming experiences just waiting to happen!



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