Are gamers so fast in dissertation writing?

Video games are surging in popularity these days. Due to the global pandemic that forced people to spend more time inside, video games have become the universe that was like a retreat. But video games were popular before these tough times too. There are international competitions where games from all over the world compete against each other.

These competitions are watched by billions of game enthusiasts around the globe, which makes the gaming industry among the most profitable in the world. Many people, when they hear about video games, think about strategy games that are popular nowadays.

However, there are many types of video games. For example, the educational ones are used as a tool by many teachers to improve students’ behavior or understanding of a specific topic.  Some games might improve writing skills, which are ultimately useful to students when writing their dissertation.

Dissertation help by professionals

Writing a dissertation is a task that takes you more than one week. There are two large groups of students: those who stress about it and start working on it ahead of time, and those that start working on it close to the deadline. Studying comes with many challenges and in the quest of getting an education and developing your worldview, you need to write many essays, assignments, and a thesis. Many students ask themselves “can someone write my dissertation for me”. And the answer to this question is yes. There are a lot of professional writers ready to help anyone in need. Including those who feel they have poor writing skills. Or students that only need a trained eye to check their papers for mistakes.

Controlling One’s Attention

Writing any type of paper requires concentration and attention. Many writers admit that they enter some kind of trance when they are writing and their attention is fully focused on writing. However, the modern world is described as a competition for people’s attention.

Nowadays, brands compete to direct your attention towards their services and products and make you use them more. It is also the case of smartphones and all the apps you have installed. Every notification that lights your phone screen is catching your attention, thus disrupting your focus or flow session. But this is something that gamers do not go through.

A series of experiments have tried to understand the difference between video gamers and people that do not play any video game when it comes to attention. And they have found out that gamers are better at controlling their attention. This is incredible. When writing your dissertation, you need to focus on what you read and write. The ideas you express there need to flow smoothly.

Your piece of writing has to be clear and logical and to write such a dissertation you need attention on your side. So, gamers might be faster at dissertation writing because they are better at controlling their attention. Which is a blessing in this modern world.

Learning Faster

Another thing that describes video gamers is that they learn very fast. The learning curve of a new thing is indeed different from person to person. But studies have shown that video gamers learn faster than non-gamers. This is because they are constantly engaging in new games. Even those who are dedicated to the same video game learn new things every day.

It may be about their hero, strategies, or tactics. On top of this, game developers introduce new play modes regularly. And video gamers love it. The fact that they learn so fast is helpful for dissertation writing. The research step might feel like a burden, but when you control your attention and learn fast, it can feel better. This influences the dissertation writing process too.

The sooner you have your main ideas and what you want to introduce in your dissertation, the faster and easier the writing process will flow.

There is a fierce debate around the benefits of video games for children and students. Many say that they make youngsters more violent. However, it is important to be aware that there are many types of video games.

There is an entire type of video game which are used by teachers as a tool in education. Gamers are better at controlling their attention and faster at learning new things than non-learners. And these are skills that help them improve their writing process.

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