Best Modern PS4 action games to play on a date

If you’re single member of LGBT community who is seeking romance, and also adore playing PS4 games, have you ever thought about combining these passions? If you would like to get introduced to a love interest with a shared gaming interest, look no further than online dating. Once you subscribe to a matchmaking service, you can search through profiles, keeping an eye out for attractive gamers. Perhaps you’d also like a third party getting involved  with playing. In that case, your best bet would be a unicorn dating site. Now all you need to consider are the best PS4 games to be playing as a threesome! Here is our pick of the bunch.

Grand Theft Auto V

Developed by games juggernauts RockStar, this is the fifth instalment of the phenomenally successful third and first-person PS4 game. Characters have the opportunity to freely roam around the open countryside of San Andreas in California, navigating the vividly-realised landscapes by foot, or by carjacking passing vehicles. With the ability to interact with a succession of lurid supporting players, there are heists and various other missions to keep you glued to your controls for the duration.

God of War

This time we are abandoning modern crime and jumping right back into the world of classical mythology. Loosely based on Ancient Greek fables, there are also strong elements of Norse folklore, with the greater portion of the action being set in the supernatural Scandinavian realm of Midgard. One of the defining aspects of God of War is the main protagonist, Kratos’s dextrous use of a magical war-axe. You’ll soon be captivated by the prospect of slicing and dicing your enemies as you embark on various enthralling adventures.

Red Dead Redemption 2

PS4 games are nothing if not diverse. Now you are spirited back to the badlands of the western frontier in the USA, circa 1899. As a member of the feared Van der Linde gang, it’s open season for all sorts of crazed bank robberies and heists. The gameplay includes hunting, riding on horses tearing across the open plains, and multiple shootouts with rival outlaws, as well as the forces of what passes for law and order in the well-named Wild West. You can also engage in multiplayer mode, and co-operate or compete with up to 32 players. What is most engaging about RDR2 is the realistically-depicted frontier land, from the dangerous dusty towns to the majestic sprawling wilderness stretching to the horizon in every direction.


Does Spidey need much of an introduction? This PS4 version of the superhero’s crime-busting exploits is another fine choice for your date night. You’ll soon get addicted to spinning webs and soaring from skyscraper to skyscraper. There’s also a powerful back-story to guarantee maximum engagement, and the open-world design will draw you in within moments of powering up the console. A sequel is apparently in the pipeline, entitled Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, scheduled to be rolled out to PS5 next year.


What better way to conclude your gaming date night than a good old-fashioned first-person shooter?! Here, you are in control of fighter pilots battling across a war-torn universe of the future. You need to employ all your dexterity to control six-on-six manoeuvres across various realistically-depicted star systems. Several characters can bring unique powers to play, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. So, whether you love getting drawn into futuristic scenes, the Wild West, sprawling metropolises, or alternative worlds populated by bloodthirsty Norsemen, any one of these PS4 games we have highlighted would be ideal for your gaming dating night. Any one? Why not all of them?!



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  1. I agree. Playing games together with a partner can teach you a lot. How does a person react to winning and losing? How does he think during the game, and so on.


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