New World MMO: Buy New World Coins from Gold4Vanilla

As most players who are expecting to play New World MMO by Amazon Games know, the game was re-scheduled to be released on 28th September, following the feedback obtained from the players who tested the game during the Closed Beta in early August.

The closed beta which ran from late July to early August this year, amassed high amounts of testers – more than a million logged in and ventured into Aeternum, the mystical island of New World MMO.

As the official launch is just on the horizon – it is due to be released in just about 3 weeks, Amazon Games announced on 25th August that they will open the gates for an Open Beta testing which will last from 9th to 12th September. Many wonder if this open beta testing will further prolong the official game release.

New World is an MMO game by Amazon Games in development since 2016. It’s release was delayed 4 times starting with the covid 19 pandemic. The game rolls out during the 17th century on a fantasy, mystical island called Aeternum which closely resembles Atlantiss. It features classless play-style: players can choose to develop their own characters as per their liking and choice of weapons. They will battle in 4 modes called Invasion, Outpost Rush, Expedition and Wars. Most wars in the game are faction wars, divided among the 3 factions who battle for supremacy: The Marauders, The Syndicate and The Covenant.

As any MMO would have it, development of all game characters is based upon having more than enough “game gold”, known as coin in New World. With this game money, you can buy weapons, gears, equipment, and upgrades. The upgrades are also extended for the Settlements, Castles and Citadels which the players and factions control. To have an advantage, it is important to have huge amounts of game coins available.

It is very advisable for players to learn from guides available throughout the internet and Youtube before starting the game in order to avoid making costly mistakes early on. Even if that is the case, multiple third party websites like Gold4Vanilla already offer services even for the open beta testing. You can easily buy boosting and powerleveling services as well NW coins in simple steps, and gain dramatic advantage over the rest of the players or impress your friends with your improved gear.



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